Stuck to Plan

Have you ever created a Touring Plan Itinerary in advance of your Trip, and then didn’t deviate from what was “designed”? If so, was it relatively effective in minimizing wait times and maximizing attractions?

Yes, I have, and the plans were very effective. I generally stick to a plan unless there are mitigating circumstances, like an attraction being down.

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its hard to stick to plans, especially if you pick up additional FPP’s. Then you’ll want to change things around and the original plan’s estimated wait will be very different from your actual if you are now on FPP.
So, I like to stick to it for the first half of the day. Mark done on what’s done, then check for next FPP, do that, and re-optimize and see what it says now.

Yes and it worked out very well. The only deviation we made on our last trip was to add attractions spontaneously because we ended up with a little more free time than expected or a fpp popped up later in the day.

That said… I think it really depends on your touring style, family, group, personality. Not everyone likes to stick to a plan. Know your group and adjust where you need and it should work for you.

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Just got back. I had to drop things since we are just slow and I had written in which things to drop. Also picked up a few FPP last day they called for rain in afternoon so I switched to Adventureland in the AM. I found them helpful but don’t expect the wait times to be exact.

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I thought that was the point :wink:

I do less “sticking to the plan” now that we have been a bunch of times and know we’ll be back soonish - we feel less pressure to get it all done and we meander more. But probably for the first 7-8 years of using TP I created the plan and then stuck to it.