Stuck at Tapstile Question


Thanks! Just having fun with it.


Love the Title!! Well done sir!!


Last night I played around a bit and found I was able to scan my Magic Band using an NFC app on my Samsung S4. Not much there to work with, no private info of course. (Some encrypted fields though.)

Would like to see the app CMs use to work the magic!


Well at least you know it's in the realm of possibility. That's the only thing I can think of to tap a phone to the tapstile. We have some CM's on the forums... maybe one of them will PM you with the secret. If they do send it to me too lol.


Now I'm envisioning Disney CMs with a Harry Potter-like Marauder's Map of all the guests and their movements...


Hands down, the funniest thing I have read in a long time! I too struggle with this on a daily basis but very much so in WDW.


I was starting to have a panic attack for you @JJT! This is my nightmare...glad you got in!


That was hilarious, @JJT. I was imagining Quicksilver, Tink, and Neo in some kind of "bullet time" get-to-the-chopper-phonebooth-functioning-tapstile adventure.

Second on that IT tour. I think it would be fascinating.


For the technologically curious, there's some additional info on the NFC info in a magic band here.


Excellent read! May you have more misfortunes with which to entertain us!


An interesting follow-up to adding some new functionality to the ole Magic Band:

How to use your Android phone with your MagicBand


Sorry for double posting (I put this link in it's own post earlier today) but had time to read the article and thought it would be relevant to anyone wondering about the MagicBand technology in a background-y sort of way.

So, adding here for continuity and posterity.

The Messy Business Of Reinventing Happiness


Guess I'll keep resurrecting this thread as long as I find new Magicband articles, in case others are interested...

Disneyโ€™s $1 Billion Bet on a Magical Wristband


I have to try this! I have been dieting and have lost 30lbs, but, who can stay on a diet at DW? Between this Mac-n-Cheese Bacon Burger thingy from heaven, Raglan Road Bread Pudding and all the other yummy stuff to eat, I'll gain all my weight back I'm sure, but, it will be worth it!!


I didn't realise this was an old thread at first but it made me laugh so hard! I'm glad you eventually got in.... ๐Ÿ˜‚


Wait! Is that a black leather Magic Band in that article?


That would be cool - I bet they start offering upgrades like that at some point!
I think the one in the article is just for the purposes of a cutout to display the internals - like a CAD drawing...


Back again a year later with another Magic Band related article... While it makes sense to think of using smartphones for future processes, as an IT pro who is mindful of support issues: so many variables with all the types of phones in use... Does it have NFC? Is the user's battery going to even make it through a whole day in park? ...

Phones, not MagicBands, will be the future of Disney's MyMagic+


I do believe they have NFC recognition. A few months ago we downloaded an app called Trigger and did a little programming (if you will) on our last set of magic bands. It activated some function that we specified on our androids. If memory serves, I used it to launch Lines!

But, yeah the battery life would certainly be an issue.


I have no idea the answer to your question, but God was that a hilarious re-telling of the situation! I could feel and completely relate to the panic and frustration!

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