Struggling wtih DHS - Toy Story and Fantasmic Questions

We are family of 4 - mom, dad, 2 teens sons. Traveling 2nd week of July 2015. If we opt for the 2nd Fantasmic (10:30pm), could we ride Toy Story w/o FP+ during the 1st Fantasmic w/o crazy wait time? Touring plan is still showing wait time of 45 minutes and I wanted to confirm accuracy. Like everyone, I suppose we are hoping to ride as many times as possible with less wait.

For 2nd Fantasmic at that time of year, how early should we show up for reasonably good seats?

TSMM wait times rarely drop to any level that will allow reasonable rides multiple times. 45 minutes isn’t a bad wait for it. As for F! If you aren’t doing the Dining package I would show up at least 45 minutes before if not an hour. Depends on how busy the park is.

I was at DHS last Memorial Day Sunday (also a SWW). The CL was posted as a 6. After the FW, I walked into the F! theater about 20 min before (2nd) show time and it was only about 2/3 full; got a great seat. Only time I’ve gone to a second show, so don’t know if I was just lucky or if this is common…

One thing to note about the F! Dine package is that it is usually (always?) for the first F! show.

Thanks for the replies. We definitely want the 2nd F! show, no dining pkg. Sounds like I won’t avoid TSM lines during 1st F! or avoid showing up really early for 2nd F! Oh well, a girl can dream.