Struggling with my HS plans. What do you think?

We are going in July, 4 adults and 5 kids ages 5months, two 7 yrs olds ,10 and 11. I am trying to plan a very relaxed easy trip due mostly to the heat and the fact that we will have so many littles. Originally I thought we would do HS all in one day and take a full day at the resort but decided against it at the risk of wearing everyone out and having cranky people. So heres what I came up with. Thoughts???

Day one
Arrive at RD
Toy Story Mania
Alien Swirl
Rock N Rollercoaster FP (ToT if line isnt long)
Frozen Sing a long
Star Tours FP
Lunch at Mama Melrose Fantasmic dining
Meet Olaf (will do this before/after Sing a long if time allows)
Leave for break at hotel
Return around 6-7PM
Slinky Dog FP
Free time until Fantasmic

Day two
Morning at Resort
Arrive 2PM ish
Star Wars Meet and Greets
Tower of Terror FP
Free Time
Beauty and the Beast Show
Leave for Hoop De Doo Revue

Does this look doable?? I planned SDD for late in the day figuring if I get a FP it will be later. I could also shoot for SDD FP on the 2nd day to. I didnt want to RD SDD because I dont want to count on us getting there that early and then standing in line for an hour if we dont.
Thanks for any suggestions!

My first thought for you is to rd day 2, instead of arriving in the heat. I think if you get there for rd, you get to enjoy better temps and lower crowds, and then go back to the resort when it’s the hottest part of the day. The night before, F!, unless you are planning for 2 show night, and going to the late show, F! Is usually one of the earlier night shows. If you were doing, say, a 9 or 10pm hea, then maybe rd on the next day would be a concern.

If day 2 is as light as you’ve written, i’d get there early, and then enjoy a long afternoon in the pool before hddr.

I agree with @seebee about RD. Are you planning other WDW days as well?

We have 7 Park days. I should have explained that.
Day one MK
Day two HS morning/Fantasmic
Day three AK afternoon arrival/ ROL
Day four HS afternoon/HDDR
Day five AK morning arrival
Day Six Epcot
Day seven MK

My group requests that if we have a late night we aren’t up the next day for rope drop. It is very challenging to make this happen lol

Originally we were going to do HS in one day which is what we did last trip and take a break day but I don’t think we will make it all day and stay for Fantasmic. And I feel like if we leave we need to make sure it’s for a decent time or it’s just a waste of time. We are staying at OKW

If you see the first ROL and F! then they won’t be super late nights. Also looks like you have no teenagers who want to sleep in! So probably everyone is up fairly early. I would go over the RD option with the other adults and explain how hot it will be in July. Everyone will get rewarded with afternoon pool breaks. Just make sure to allow at least 4 hours for your mid day breaks. I think that gives you 2 hours with an hour of travel each way. You may end up not taking that long to travel or if you are driving then your travel time will be even less.
It looks like you have TSL planned well to hit it in the early morning then again late day. It is supposed to be super hot mid afternoon there!

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One 14 yr old but my son and his GF aren’t fast moving morning people, even w 5 kids lol
I’ll look again at show times. Maybe we could do a later night/ early morning turn around if I plan an afternoon/evening off.
Last trip we were there for 8 Park days and mostly half days and everyone really liked that. I am a RD to close kind of tourer so it’s hard for me to slow things down lol We couldn’t swing the extra day this trip so it’s been more challenging.

The short answer to your primary question is, yes, I think the plans will fit the days. Opinion: I would never voluntarily go to WDW in July; the heat/humidity would be so miserable for me I just wouldn’t enjoy myself. If I “had” to go then, I would RD every day, stay until lunch and then go back to the resort to recuperate. I would plan on returning to the parks late afternoon and stay into the evening. By choice, I am not an early riser, but as I have to be up by 6:30 6 days a week, and rarely go to bed before 11:00 PM, it’s not really a problem for me. RD, especially EMH, are pretty much a “must” for me - even when I go in the Fall/Winter. But as an adult with no kids, touring with 5 is as foreign a concept to me as you can get…

No mention of Jedi training? I would do Hoop de do on your first HS evening and save Fantasmic for your second HS day, unless it has changed your Fastasmic pass will last for 5 days.

Trust me when I say I am not excited about going in July either. But between my daughters marching band,my sons visitation with his daughter and my job which doesn’t allow me to be off on holidays…it was July or we don’t go. My favorite time is October.

We did Jedi Training on our last trip. No one has mentioned it so I am leaving it out lol My granddaughter enjoyed it but I’m not sure it was enough to do it again.
I’m going to check out show times and see what they were last year. Maybe if it’s early enough we could do a night show and still RD the next morning. I am planning two PPO breakfasts so that factors in also.

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I’ve not been in July but I bet you will have a blast! Crowds are supposed to be low then and you can always prepare with cooling towels, etc. also I think parks maybe open longer?
My son did Jedi training and it was a highlight. I think it’s worth the extra time.

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Ok I revised. Here’s what I did
Day 1 MK
Day 2 Epcot
Day 3 AK arrive 330 pm
Day 4 HS arrive at 4pm/Fantasmic
Day 5 AK morning
Day 6 HS Morning w break/HDDR
Day 7 MK

I think this might work and get us a great break on day 4. RD at AK is not as important to us as other parks so I think we will be fine with a later evening followed by a RD