Strollers at Universal

We are planning our first visit to UNI & IOA in September, and I can’t get a handle on the stroller situation. I’m reading a lot of suggestions and requirements re. the lockers, but what about strollers? Is it similar to WDW, where you can basically roll up to an attraction, park your stroller [with any gear], and get on the ride? Thanks for any insight!

Yes there is stroller parking very similar to wdw There are not as many strollers so parking is not as pronounced. If you can’t see it just ask a team member. On hogwarts exp if you have your own stroller you fold it and it goes on the train. If its a rental you leave it and get another at the other side Rental for strollers is for all day and valid for both parks HOWEVER if going between parks or to citywalk you need to leave the stroller in the park and get another on return or in the other park.

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A word of caution regarding renting strollers at Universal, you will need to leave a deposit!! You will have to leave either cash or a blank credit card voucher. I’m paranoid so I really really hated this!!

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We took an umbrella stroller last summer and had no problems at all. We simply parked the stroller off to the side when we went on rides, and folded it up and took it with us on the Hogwarts Express. Admittedly, the WWOHP sections of the park are crowded, so you have to be more careful navigating. But I think an umbrella stroller would be easier and more compact than any other kind.

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Do you have to fold up strollers on the boats from the resorts to the park?

For the life of me, I don’t remember if you had to, but we did.

We were there in March. No one folded their stroller up on the boats. There is a fairly large flat section at the front of the boat. My mom drove on her scooter.