Stroller - Use of Early Magic time?


Was wondering if one can rent a stroller at Magic Kingdom without actually entering the park? Re: I ask is, as we are staying on the property, we get to take advantage of the Extra Hour in the morning - and I am trying to understand if we can possibly obtain the stroller before our extra time starts.

Thank You

You might consider renting from an outside agency. There are several recommended here. They will deliver to your hotel and pick up when you’re done. I mention this because there it can be a long walk from transportation to the park entrance, especially first thing in the morning or late at night. Not having a stroller from your room to the park and back might be difficult. We had a sit/stand double stroller last year for my 2 yr old but our 5 yr old used the stand option some early mornings and evenings. Neither child used it much IN the parks, except around Epcot.
*Having a stroller is amazing when crowds are rushing out of the park to transportation at night.

Stroller rental is located within the park - past the turnstiles.

Renting off site is cheaper if you are using the stroller for more than 3 or 4 days (I can’t remember the exact day for the cost breakdown).

Motts1024 and SillySamsMom - Thank You so very much for replying and helping me out.

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We had a great experience renting from Kingdom Strollers. I highly recommend renting from an outside company. The Disney ones are hard plastic and you don’t have them to use outside the parks. We loved the double stroller we got and it couldn’t have been easier. They dropped it off at our hotel before we even arrived and we left it there for them to pick up after we left. Came with a rain cover (which came in VERY handy several times to keep our kids and our stuff dry), cooler and other accessories. So easy!

@BTCooper you’re welcome! I also wanted to mention that if you do rent from Disney, you can’t take the strollers from one park to another or back to your hotel. You must return it before you exit, then rent another when you get to a different park or return to the park later. This could be an added hassle and strollers are not guaranteed. So if you visit during high crowd levels, and rent later in the day, you risk not getting a stroller.