Stroller suggestions

We have a trip planned for Christmas time this year. We have 3 kids, ages 8,4, and 2. We’d Like to use a double stroller for the two younger kids but on our last trip to Disney in 2016 we rented a double stroller from a local company and it was a pain. The stroller worked fine while in the parks but was quite an obstacle when using bus transportation because it was so large and awkward. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Was it the type double that was a pain? Hard to close?

Yeah, when folded up it was still quite large and unhandy.

We rented a citi mini- it closed very easily and I didn’t feel like it took up a ton of space, though it wasn’t exactly tiny. Maybe two of those might be easier?

Do you know which kind of stroller it was last year? That might give us some perspective on what you find large and awkward.

BOB Revolution Duallie

Definitely rent the City Mini GT double. Any double is going to be slightly unwieldy on a bus, but that will be night and day above a Bob. The GT is a little heavier than the regular, but it pushes better and has a higher weight limit if the 8yo wants to hop in.

I know the ones in the park are expensive. We used them last time and the kids loved it. The look uncomfortable but my kids seemed fine. The bonus is you don’t have to worry about lugging it when you are outside the park.

My kids were 5 and 8 (8 year old with special needs) so we only needed the stroller while in the parks. Plenty of room for both. No hassle. Worth every penny.

The problem with renting from the parks is we are going at CL10 so I won’t have the time to rent one everyday.

We were there CL9 Presidents weekend 2017. We never waited once the entire week. There were always at least two cast members standing there waiting the help us and one more getting our stroller ready for us. It has been two years so it may be different now.

Our stroller was most useful when leaving the park in the evening, so I don’t like just renting a park one. I would consider 2 strollers, far easier to maneuver and close, and probably for lots of the time you can just park one of them up.

We have 2 umbrella strollers that we bought clips to attach together. When we want one person to push both we use clips. When we don’t need it they separate. Makes it much easier to split up if you need to, plus they fold up easily for buses.

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Either the City Mini Double or the Mini GT Double should have a smaller fold and be easier to carry than the Bob.

There are benefits to two strollers, but also consider that you’ll have two strollers to carry onto/off of the bus and hold while you’re on the bus.

This is very true. I recall one full bus where I had to stand, hold my 2 year old, hang onto a stroller and hold onto a bus pole to avoid falling over. With one stroller my wife may have been able to hang onto the stroller and make sure the 4 year old hung onto the pole herself.

On the other hand, if there is room to sit, an umbrella stroller is very manageable to hold between your legs while sitting without blocking other seats or standing room. When I went this year with one largish stroller, I pretty much planned on standing in the area by the door with the stroller since even folded it was still pretty big. I only sat when we got on an empty bus in the morning.