Stroller Rental MK Hours


What time does the stroller rental place open at Magic Kingdom?


I would so rent off site. You will be sooooo happy you did. We have done it both ways. Kingdom Strollers is the way to go. The walk from the park gate to the busses or other transit is long. The kids will be begging to be carried, at least that was our experience with our DS4. They're also just not all that comfy for the little ones and cost more than renting at the park. Kingdom will deliver the stroller to bell services for you if you are staying on property and pick it up from the same place. They also meet people off property. If you decide to stick with park strollers, they didn't rent strollers previously until the park was open, because you needed to be inside to get to them. I bet you can get them as soon as they start letting people into the park for the new opening show.


I am renting off site. I have someone visiting for one overnight. The cost to rent from outside vendor for one night is the same as 3 nights. It's 3x the cost of just renting in MK for a single day. I'm trying to give them options.


That's legit. Since you rent strollers under the train bridge, I would venture to guess they start renting as soon as they start letting you in.


it will really upset my RD touring plan if we need to stop and go rent a stroller AFTER 9 am!! LOL


Naw there's no way. The shops are all open. I can't imagine they'd force people back to the entrance to the park from the castle, it'd really mess with the crowd flow and disney has that bit down to a science.


that's what I was expecting. but I'm so OCD that I NEED TO KNOW!! the ODC is really bad. Disney brings the worst of it out.


I'd venture to guess than any of us that use this site fall into that category in one way or another.


It's definitely going to be available as they let you into the park. I have never RDed Epcot, but was just reading on another blog that since they allowed you into the park prior to rope drop they start renting strollers right away. It'll definitely be the same at MK.


i will consider this case closed! i would follow the same logic. fingers crossed!


You're like my sister from another mister. I fixate on small details like this...


sometimes it feels like a sickness. until the more you dig, the more you learn and everyone else is standing around scratching their chin.


Or they're standing there laughing at you trying to find the answer to something silly. Works both ways for me at least, haha


true! there is always that possibility!! LOL