Stroller Rental Companies & Recommended Types of Strollers

Hi! I found a couple stroller threads, but I have a couple more specific questions, so… Thought I would ask all you wise folks! :slight_smile: Looking at renting a stroller for the first time our next trip. Looking mainly at Apple (cheapest and includes insurance - which I will feel I need even if I don’t, but no rain cover), Kingdom (has the Bob similar to what we use at home, cooler, and grocery delivery), and Orlando (free cooler to take home). Questions:

  1. Is it worth about $35 more for Kingdom/Orlando? I guess maybe the free rain cover makes it worth it? (Going in Sept… Probably could use one of those!) It seems like not many people have gone with Apple, and so I’m wondering what makes you think Kingdom / Orlando is a better deal even though it is more expensive.

  2. Anyone out there who uses a Bob Revolution Dualie at home but has rented a CitiMini? Just wondering how they compare. DD is about 40 in, DS about 32 in and I want to make sure they are in something that will shade them, keep them as cool as possible (ventilation), and be comfy enough for DS to possibly nap in. Obviously I am comfortable with the Bob, and it is only an additional $15, but it seems like CitiMini is really popular with the rental companies. Is it “better” for touring?


Hi there

I rented through Orlando Stroller rentals purely because I heard about them on the Allears website.

Have used them 3 times now and they were great - zero issues.

We rented the Citymini GT this last trip. My son was just 6 at the time and about 44 inches tall. The stroller was comfortable for him and I think would have been fine for naps (he’s past napping!). The sunshade is big and provided a lot of cover.

We found it really nice to steer etc, but we are probably a bit out of date as he has not used a stroller at home for a couple of years, but it compared really well to our old Phil and Ted Sport.

Hopefully someone will be along soon who has also used a Bob Revolution and has info on Apple and Kingdom - just thought I’d get things started!

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It might not answer some of your specific questions, but there is a good TP Blog post reviewing the various stroller companies

Also, last I knew Apple was not a “Disney Featured Stroller Provider”, which makes picking up and dropping off your stroller a little more inconvenient.

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Apple may not be a featured stroller provider, but I believe it is a featured scooter provider, and that seems to permit it the same sort of access regardless of whether they are dropping off a scooter or stroller. We use it regularly for strollers, and we’ve not had any issues at all with pick up or drop off – it is waiting for us at the bell desk when we get there, and we just leave it at the bell desk when we leave. Last used them May 15 and this was the case, for what it’s worth.

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Haven’t rented yet but I was told Apple is not the way to go. We went with kingdom for stroller and buena vista for scooter. Not sure when your trip is but I will def review them both one here after we go in november

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Really? Why not? Like I said, we’ve used Apple several times and they have always been clean and on time, and that more or less covers the watershed for me, especially for the price.

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they we’re not specific and I probably should not have passed on hearsay. There is always one bad review, you know? Sounds like others have had positive experiences.

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Thanks for the link! I had read that a while ago, and didn’t remember how it answered the Bob vs Citi Mini debate. It looks like the CitiMini is a pretty good stroller. Still interested to hear if someone has used this with kids who are used to the Bob, but this is very helpful.

We used the CitiMini double from Kingdom for my super-tall DSs 3 & 5 last fall, 35 and 45 inches tall, respectively. I LOVED it more than any other double stroller I’ve EVER rented. Good storage, easy recline, easy++ to fold, and both kids fell asleep in it a couple of times quite comfortably.

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We had good luck with kingdom last time we went, so I reserved with them again for our next trip. The city mini was great for my (small) 3 year old, and it was easy to use on the buses and monorail.

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We bought a Mountain Buggy on Craigslist, will use it for our trip and then resell when we return home. It may be more trouble than it’s worth to some but it’s worth checking out to see if a high end stroller is available in your area. The high end strollers keep their value so as long as you don’t beat it up and you don’t overpay then you can sell it for at least what you paid for it… making your stroller “rental” free.

We’re driving and have plenty of storage but that’s something to keep in mind if you go this route. If you are flying then you can gate check it and you’ll have wheels at the airport which would be a HUGE perk.

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