Stroller Recommendations?

Hi there. We are bringing our 20 month old son with us to WDW. Any stroller recommendations? I have an Uppa Baby Minu umbrella stroller but i am a little concerned on theft as it is an expensive stroller but do love it as it has good storage and large sun canopy. I also have a City Mini GT that family gave to us but have concerns of it tipping backwards (while toddler is laying down for naps) after reading some reviews plus its hard to access the small storage. Going back and forth on using one of the strollers we have or purchasing a different stroller. Any strollers you recommend? It must have a great sun canopy and have a good recline for naps. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

We used the city mini double and it was amazing. Not sure how that compares to the single in terms of tipping. Kids napped great in it.

Theft could happen but odds are slim. Just don’t leave a purse or bag with it. It’s more likely to get moved being illegally parked.

Bring a ribbon or something to help ID your stroller from the millions of others.

I’m not sure what model mine are, but we’ve taken 2 of that brand umbrella and never had problems with theft. I’m sure others are more pricey. CMs probably watch out for people taking strollers without kids, but maybe not.

For us, we needed the height for us for pushing. Anything that works for you and you’re familiar with folding is best.

Edit: just looked it up. Yours is way more expensive than mine. I think ours are the G-Lite or G-luxe.

We rented a Bob Duallie (double) stroller from Kingdom Strollers and it was AWESOME, super clean and was delivered and waiting for us when we arrived. For $99 for a week, it was WELL worth it. I highly recommend renting vs taking a stroller on the plane and then the shuttle to the hotel. My oldest child can easily walk through the airport and the 2 year old was also wanting to walk or be worn in a carrier on my body. Not having a stroller at the airport made my life easier.

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I wouldn’t hesitate to bring either of those strollers. There are thousands of very high end strollers there that the odds of theft are ridiculously low. You will see $1000 bugaboos so I wouldn’t worry about the Minu if you like it! We are bringing our City Mini GT and think it is a great option. It’s not tippy at all with a child in the seat, in my experience. In fact, it’s even LESS tippy if the baby is laying flat. The storage kind of stinks but I got a cooler bag that actually attaches to the bottom on the back and two side saddle bags. I personally think that whatever you are confident your son will be comfy in and has a good canopy is the best!