Stroller question re accessing MK

I keep reading that the monorail is the best way to access the MK due to quicker loading times etc but we will have 3 kiddies with us and 2 strollers… i believe we would have to fold the strollers to go on the monorail is that right?? think that would be an absolute nightmare with 3 kids and all that “stuff”

with that in mind would you recommend we use the ferry (we don’t have to fold strollers on there do we?) is it really that much slower??

No, you don’t have to fold the strollers to go on the monorail. My friend and I were in your situation last November (3 kids, 2 strollers). We stayed at the Poly. So monorail to MK and EP. When the monorails weren’t running, we did have to fold the strollers for the small boats to MK and a bus to EP once. I’m not sure of the policy for the large ferry from the TTC.

As for AK and HS, we mainly used cabs. We’d get vans. We’d load up the kids and the driver would put the strollers, unfolded in the backs of the van. It’s an added expense, but I’ll tell you what: at the end of the day, with cranky kids, walking by the lines for bus and riding back to the resort in just minutes, those $20 rides felt like the best money spent on that trip!!!

At very slow times when the kids were in decent moods, we’d use the bus (maybe 3-4 rides). There was just no way I could get myself, a 2yo, a 4yo and a folded double stroller onto the bus if the kids were dragging and whining about having to walk!!!

thanks for your reply - appreciate that. Yes i want to do what i can to reduce crankiness!
We are staying offsite so will have a car so its just really the MK I’m concerned about as its such a mission to get to :confused:

You don’t have to fold the strollers on the monorail, however, at park opening and closing they are packed and you’ll probably get some attitude for taking up nearly a full car with strollers vs folding them so that more people can get on.