Stroller or other recommendations for older kids

Is there anything available to help kids with 11+ age to avoid walking in the Disney parks?

A wheelchair may be the only option.

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We are possibly facing a situation with my 8 year old grand-nephew that is similar. My niece is looking into getting or renting a juvenile sized wheelchair. I think that would be the best bet.

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Many of the stroller rental companies offer special needs strollers. I believe they’re designed for older kids. You may want to look into one of those and review the weight specifications. Perhaps that would be easier than an adult sized wheelchair?
There’s Kingdom Strollers, Scooterbug, Orlando Stroller Rental….to name a few.

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Is there a particular reason? I mean, generally, a child who is 3 or 4 or older can walk the parks themselves without too much problem. Is there a health reason? If so, I imagine a wheelchair is your best bet.


I started with DS in a wheelchair last year at age 12 and it worked fabulously. He doesn’t need it in every day life, but the parks are another story entirely. And once he outgrew his leg braces and couldn’t get the new ones in before that trip, he finally caved and never looked back. We were actually able to make a full day at the park since he stopped using the stroller! We just rent at the parks.