Stroller on Disney Buses

I apologize if this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find it.

What is the situation with bringing strollers on Disney buses? I don’t mean the ME but the actual hotel to park bus.

We are debating if we should buy a super compact stroller, like the BabyZen Yo-yo or GB Pockit, but we might try to bring our current slightly large but “Disney Park Legal” stroller.

Have you seen folks bringing strollers on the buses? Is it allowed? Are people mean about it?

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Strollers can be brought on the bus but they need to be folded up. What ever you have, make sure that is an easy process.


This. Remember that anything under the stroller is likely coming out for the bus. So be prepared to hold the stroller, child, etc. It’s always best if you have a bag to hold everything and don’t wait until the bus arrives to get ready to board.


I would just question whether the super compacts are the best option for actually using all day. The mini fold ones will still take up space in a backpack if you only plan to use it part time, and the folding process is more of a thing than a normal stroller. IMO, bring a stroller only if you plan to use it, and if it is structurally capable of/comfortable for you to all day walking around a the park.

Disney is a family place. Strollers are super common and people are so nice! They are more likely to ask if you need help getting situated than judging you or anything like that. The transition to/from bus is about 0.3% of your trip, so well worth the awkwardness of juggling a stroller for a full day being able to carry your children and belongings.

You have to keep it with you on busses and boats, they don’t have like a luggage rack. But again that’s such a small portion of your trip. I’m bringing our double stroller next trip on Disney transport and will have #noregrets

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Thanks, everyone!

We are going with a nine month old - so I’m sure there will be a lot of carrying and BabyBjörn wearing, but the rest will be in the stroller… so perhaps the “full size” one is best.

I’d bring one your comfortable pushing and that’s comfortable for your kid. Good to make sure you can collapse it, but it will be fine. We had a double citi mini gt on our trip. Easy to fold and it was fine the few times we had to. But pushing it was easy and kids were comfortable.

Have fun! Disney was our most relaxing trip with kids! They really just make it easy for families!

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We’ve used a Citi Mini GT for our DD, and it’s always been a really smooth experience taking it on the park buses. We don’t bring that much stuff (a snack bag and hoodie for DD) and have found that these can be left under the stroller without causing any issues when folding it up. We usually fold it as soon as we see “our” bus approaching, so we’re ready to board as soon as it stops. Oh, and just to add, DD and I have been rope dropping on our own numerous times, and I’ve never had a problem handling the stroller and DD by myself. :slight_smile:

Yes, the only thing I’d point out is to have stroller ready and folded before the bus arrives so you don’t hold up the line.

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