Stroller identifiers?

Any creative ideas to identify our stroller? I know some people tie a balloon or similar to their stroller but I’m looking for other creative ideas - hopefully something that won’t make driving the stroller a pain or something that my kids won’t fight over (as they would a balloon! haha!).

Accidentally leave a kid in it. They’ll be screaming by the time you come back, so it should be easy to find. Kidding…besides a balloon, I have no idea.


Haha! I’m already planning to get “lost” on the way to/from the ladies room while my husband waits with the kiddos during the first, second, and eleventh meltdown.


I tied a bright scarf to the handle, easily found my stroller every time!

Colorful duct tape

The mouse for less has stroller tags you can download and personalise. Try here:

I put them in a sheet protector and tied them on the handle.


Look for images of Minnie Mouse ribbon sculpture or Disney princess ribbon sculpture. I made a tinker bell one that is bout 12" tall that hangs on the back of my stroller

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Whoa! Those are intense!

Here is what I did last year and it worked great. You know those muslin blankets for babies? Well I had a 4 pack for my son and one was just plain white. I had a friend tie-dye it for me. It is very bright colors, but you could do a mickey mouse theme also. When we walked away from the stroller I fully opened the cover/shade and threw that blanket over it. I tied a corner onto the handle so it never blew aw!ay. That stroller could be spotted quickly! As a bonus, it kept the fabric (black) much cooler. Once I forgot, and he went to sit down and cried and said “It’s hot!” I checked and it was very hot. We were there in Mid-May. You can get these at Target in a 4 pack with the white one for about $35, I think. But I have also seen them at Ross for MUCH less. a 2 pack for about $10. They are about 42" X 42" So You could get fabric and hem the edges and have the same thing.

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I made a small tag (about 5" by 7") that had a Disney graphic and our family name on it, with my cell number on the back.

We had it laminated, and and I punched a couple of holes in it. When we got the stroller (rental), we attached the tag to the handle bars with zip ties. Highly recognizable and water proof !

Just remember no balloons at Animal Kingdom.