Stroller extension

We are going to WDW at the end of September. I have been many times, but it will be my 2 year-old’s first trip, and my first trip as a parent. We have a Kolcraft cloud plus stroller which is awesome because it’s only 11 lbs and super easy to fold up for buses. However, my husband is 6’3" and the handles are just to short for him to comfortably reach. Does anyone have any tips on handle extenders? It’s a handle bar not the two separate handles like on some umbrella strollers.

I am only 5’4" and I have no problem pushing the stroller myself, especially with it being so lightweight. I just wonder if there are any solutions so my husband can push too.

The only one I can find on Amazon is the Englacha and it has very mixed reviews.

I’m open to any suggestions, but I’m probably not going to take/buy/rent a different stroller just for our trip. My son doesn’t use the stroller much otherwise (with the exception of zoo trips) because he’d rather walk/explore on his own, so I can’t see investing in a new, expensive stroller.

have you thought about renting one? There is soooo much walking that your little one might enjoy a ride over walking most of the time. We are renting one this time around because we need a double and ours has a wonky wheel that I can’t deal with lol.

I’m planning on taking the one we have, I’m just looking for suggestions on how to extend the handles. I don’t think the ones at the park would be convienient for my husband either, without extending the handle. We’re flying so I’m gate-checking the one we have.
I would not expect my two year old to walk all over WDW! It would be way too exhausting. Heck, I get tired of walking!

My husband is 6’2 and has no issues pushing our city mini around, thats the only reason I suggested renting a different kind than the one you have. Have you looked on amazon for any kind of extension of the handle? That would be my first thought.

sorry, just realized you mentioned the one on amazon already

Thanks! Yea, I’ve thought about getting the extension that amazon has, it just has mixed reviews so I’m weary and was looking for first hand disney experience. I’ve seen some people that have made their own extensions, so I thought that might be one route, too.

Thanks for your input!

You can rent from an outside vendor while there. We are going to use Kingdom strollers because their stroller are much nicer than the ones in the park. They have a city mini that has great handlebar extension.

No suggestions on an extender for your stroller- I’m 5’4" too!