Stroller Conundrum


We are heading to WDW in December with a 7yr old and a 2 yr old. Should I get one double stroller or two single strollers? I keep going back and forth and would love some advice on this one.


Pushing 2 separate strollers is near impossible, and on the off chance you and DH (assuming) split up for whatever reason, you'll want the double.


I also vote for the double. Even 7YOs get tired at WDW and it's just easier to have them both sit and be pushed to get somewhere.


We had 2 for our 2 and 4 yr olds and loved it. Kids could split when adults did as necessary. However, we also had 6 adults so help breaking down strollers etc. I have not yet met a double stroller I would want to navigate in WDW crowds. Next trip we will bring the same 2 strollers for our 1 and 3 yr olds, and use for the 7 and 9 with the littles wrapped on backs in case the older two tire out.


Oh, we also have identical strollers and stroller connectors, so if it came to it we can turn them into a double. Best of both worlds! We rarely connect them, though.


We got a City Double from Kingdom Strollers the last two times we visited. (Kids 5 and 3)
We LOVED it. So easy to push and didn't feel wide like you might think a double would. My kids never ride in a stroller at home but it was good to have the option to push one or both around to make sure they wouldn't get too tired before lunch time! It was also nice to have something to carry our bag.
My husband and I split up several times with the kids wanted to do different things. It was never a problem. Your 7yo won't need a stroller full time so I wouldn't deal with the headache of monitoring two strollers.


When "we" were stroller age, we brought our double (a Combi Twin) instead if two singles (we did do a double & rent a WDW single at the park a couple of times when we had three that were stroller age). It seemed to work well for us to have me handle the stroller & most of the bags, and my wife handle the three kids. I would have been trickier for us to each have a stroller and kid(s), but I suppose I could have taken two strollers at once. The twin stroller was sometimes difficult to navigate in stores or in big crowd surges, but never really impossible.

We have three kids, and if we had two strollers it would mean that one kid is always free wandering (can't really even take their hand to guide them when you're pushing a stroller). As the Dad I also see it as my job to be the pack mule & stroller pusher -- no reason for my wife to get exhausted pushing a stroller all day, if I can push a double and not be any more wore-down than if I had pushed a single all day.

For us it worked better to have me pushing one bigger stroller 80% of the time, instead of both of us pushing a smaller stroller 100% of the time. With one stroller instead of two, you only need to park & find one stroller, you only need to fold one stroller to jump on the tram or bus, etc.

If I had know about stroller clips back in the day, I may have gone that route, as the best of both worlds for needing to push only one stroller, and being able to split up as needed.


So, just one observation about strollers for bigger kids. My DS6 insisted last trip, and we just rented one of the big plastic ones at the parks, because we were hoping he could power through without. He's upper 90-something percentile on height. The stroller worked fine for his comfort, but lots of people assumed that he was special needs because he was in a stroller. Like, if we were setting up near the parade route, parents would say that their kids should make room for our little guy. It made me feel bad... I'm not necessarily saying it to dissuade you, but maybe if your 7yo were to pick up on it...?


We love our double stroller and it works awesome for our 5 and 7 year olds (they are on the smaller side), it is one they can easily jump in and out of, doesnt have those bars across the front to keep them in, so its almost made for kids who are a little bigger. I have had double strollers that push like crap, but this one is really awesome. We also bought it second hand on craigslist from a family who crazy enough had bought it just for a Disney Trip....we have now used it for 2 Disney trips and will use it again this December. It was cheaper to buy one second hand then rent one. Plus the airlines allow you to bring strollers for free, at least ours did. And it folded nicely for rides on the bus.
The brand of ours is Combi.


I think two strollers would be a huge hassle getting on and off transportation. It's hard enough to manage two stroller-age kids and one stroller when loading and unloading. we use a double stroller or a sit n stand depending on ages involved.


We have (had) a Combi Twin (side-by-side umbrella-ish folding). Was lucky enough to get it at 50% off, when a toy-store was closing. Used it for a bunch of WDW trips over 9-10 years for our three kids. I couldn't imagine using something that didn't roll or fold as well. For the last couple of trips I had to use silicon spray on the wheels & axles to make sure it would still roll & not squeak.

As the kids got older it changed from wheeling them all over the park, to being a home-base/mother-ship to keep our lunches, ponchos, and stash of water bottles.

It finally reached the end of it's useful life, when it broke (as in one of the plastic rails snapped in half) trying to maneuver it with my 100 lbs ASD son in it after Illuminations two years ago.


At your older kids age, I'd vote for the Sit & Stand stroller. It's smaller to navigate than most doubles, older kid can ride standing or sit on the bench seat. We had an early model and it was the best thing ever, our big brother hopped on and off all day. I would have gotten worn out putting him in and out of a regular stroller. Newer ones are so much nicer now.


We have a sit and stand stroller too. Our current problem is that they both want to be in the sit and stand back section and neither wants to ride in the front.


Do any of the stroller rental places offer sit and stand strollers?


Kingdom strollers are the best! Check them out - they are actually recommended by Disney, and unlike the strollers at WDW, you can roll a Kingdom Stroller out of each park and onto the bus, or into your car. The walk to the car from the rental location at the parks is A LONG WALK, even with Trams... believe me! LOL


If they don't offer sit and stand, they usually will offer a Glider Board that attaches to the back of the stroller and is essentially the same difference.


I've seen a bunch of glider boards recently in the mall where I walk... very neat! The kids are between you and your seated tyke, and they just stand and roll along. Wheeee! :upside_down::dizzy::dancer:


Now if they would only make some kind of scooter so that pushing adult could cruise along too, life would be complete! haha


Looks like Kingdom Strollers no longer offers the glider boards :frowning: so I will have to use another company if we want to do that.


We got a double stroller with a glider board from Orlando Stroller Rentals last September for our three kiddos (ages 1, 3, and 5 at that time). It was perfect. We were in the parks all day (we were offsite so it often just seemed easiest to stay in the parks), and I think having the stroller + glider was essential for the kids' stamina. Totally doing it again for our next trip in December!