Stressed about available dining options

Our dining reservation date isn’t until the end of the month, but I am already nervous and stressed that the places we want to eat will already be full! Since the resorts are full, it follows to me the restaurants will be too! We are going end of Nov/early Dec. We’ve gone twice before during this time and loved it, no crowds, no problem getting resort or dining reservations we wanted. I’m just afraid this time won’t be the case. Of course, we have 2nd choices ready if needed and any place will be fine - it is WDW after all! , but making plans on where to eat and what park to be at on certain dates is stressing me more this trip than usual! I think because we ended up settling for a room we didn’t really want. I keep checking back to see if anything opens up , but so far nothing new. Anyway, I should be thankful we’re getting to go again and be happy with whichever restaurants we get! Thanks for listening to my rant!

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For most ADRs you can just keep trying up to a few times a day and something will eventually pop up. For more difficult ones (BOG) the TP ADR tool helps.

Due to some late in the game decision making about taking our upcoming trip, we’ve only got a few ADRs for our late July trip, but I’m not too worried.

One thing I recently learned recently (that I find a bit odd): Looking for a dining ADR for 4 at Villa Napoli and was getting nowhere. When I searched for 5 - bingo!

Always good to massage the search filters when looking, for both ADRs and FPP.

You’ll do fine! Just keep swimming.

Thanks! We aren’t picky on times so we should be able to find something. Just getting parks and dining in line that has be stressed. But, I’ve done it before so I’m sure will all be fine! So many new places we want to try this trip!

I wouldn’t overstress on this at all… You’ll have an early shot at the dates at the end of your trip, as people will be arriving after you. Focus first on the hard to get reservations, if you have any: Cinderella’s, Be Our Guest, etc. Have your backup days and times available, and build out from there.

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We went in November and I REALLY wanted to get CRT for my 2 daughters (both age 6). They liked it, but it wasn’t their favorite. Actually, the TS meal that was their favorite was the one that I just kind of added last minute for the day we went down. Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. I think the lesson is that you might end up surprising yourself even if you don’t necessarily get your first choice. The ones you do get you’ll probably enjoy too, and maybe more than the ones you wanted as first choice. Like JJT said, Just Keep Swimming!


We definitely want to do BoG again for lunch. That was our favorite meal last trip! It out shone the California Grill in our book. Thanks. We’ll see what happens next week!

We booked about a month and a half before our trip, so didn’t do ADRs 180 days out, and have to say that I was able to get everything I wanted except for 'Ohana breakfast. I used the reservation finder to get hard to get ADRs. I actually did get several texts for 'Ohana breakfast, but for times that didn’t work with what we already had. Heck, I was even able to change a couple during our trip very easily because spaces would open up because other people were cancelling. (Akershus breakfast a second time, and Brown Derby).

I’m just saying that people cancel trips and tweak their ADRs all the time, leaving open spaces, so don’t fret too much. It will all work out. I’m just glad that I reserved Crystal Palace breakfast immediately. DD would have been so disappointed if she couldn’t have gone there.

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Thanks, I if we can’t get everything right away, I will keep checking. BoG is the only BIGGIE we are trying for this trip - I think! And we plan on doing lunch for it, and we are flexible on eating times. So hoping for the best. And if we don’t get them, there’s always next trip!

Well the day is here! I was able to get 95% of the places and times we wanted so YAY! I need to do some tweaking on Trails End Buffet, we have brunch on Saturday, but that is also the only day we could get BOG for lunch so not much time separates them. We may decide to do Trails End for a regular breakfast another day. Also could not get Rose & Crown but that’s ok.

I didn’t get BoG at all this morning, and I was REALLY hoping for breakfast because the Croque Madame is to die for! :frowning: Oh well… we got early Crystal Palace, where the littles have never been and if the big kids want to eat quick and head out to jump in line for 7DMT or Space Mountain then I’m sure someone will go with them (they’re 10 and 11, not quite old enough to go it alone yet).