Streets of America Closed?

Not long ago I started reading that the Streets of America (meaning the fake streets and buildings) would all be removed to make room for the new Toy Story Land. Now I’m trying to see exactly when it will be closed, because we have a trip scheduled for May, and there’s no mention anywhere of SOA closing. Is it really being removed? Or is this another rumor that has turned out not to be true (like the time everyone reported that Gaston’s Tavern would serve beer)?

I don’t know how accurate the info from wdwinfo,com is, but they had this list. If its accurate, there won’t be much to do except look at the building facades along the Streets of America after April 3. At some point, I would imagine that it will disappear into one of the new “lands”, but I haven’t seen anything definite.

Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show closes permanently 04/03/16
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure closes permanently 04/03/16
Meet and Greet: Mike and Sulley at Street of America closes permanently 04/03/16
Prop Shop- closes permanently 04/03/16
Studio Catering Co. closes permanently 04/03/16
The Writer’s Shop closes permanently 04/03/16
Watto’s Grotto closes permanently 04/03/16
High Octane Refreshments closes permanently 04/03/16
New York News closes permanently 04/03/16
Youse Guys Moychindise closes permanently 04/03/16

Yes there will be no access to that area after April 3 There is a map showing the areas that will be closed off but I can’t find it at present .It will be closed where it joins Commissary lane at Muppets. Thats why Studio catering and High Octane are shutting as you won’t be able to access them, We are visiting April 6th so trying to keep up to date with what’s happening that week. I think the street next to Mama Melrose is getting shut also.

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Here’s a map that shows where the “construction zone” will be after April 2nd.

I created this from a number of sources. The only piece I’m not relatively sure about is the Premier Theater; some sources include it in the construction zone and some don’t.