Straw Question

I know that they are no longer distributing plastic straws in Disney World but will then confiscate mine at security if I bring my plastic straws?

I was allowed to bring my own in. I brought in a Ziploc bag of 20 in my park bag. They were the thick ones with the spoon-like bottom for slushies and milkshakes and security did not say a word.

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They’re not banned, they just don’t give them out. They sell reusable plastic straws there. The only place you may have an issue is AK.

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I am really glad Disney Corp. has chosen to eliminate plastic straws.


I believe I’ve read a trip report here where someone tried to bring in plastic straws to AK and had them confiscated at bag check. I don’t know if they’d do that with reusable straws, though…

Since Disney has decided to join in with the virtue-signaling hysteria, I have been bringing my own disposable plastic straws, and bags, and flossers, and ponchos, and cups, and bottles, etc., etc. etc.

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Me, too, in early May.