Strategy for Soarin twice, TT once

Mid June, non-EMH day.

Would like to ride Soarin twice and Test Track once.

Will be in park from rope drop to mid-afternoon.

Thinking riding Soarin twice at rope drop, then using a FP+ at TT?

Does that sound like the most efficient option? Curious what wait times might be for the Soarin’ standby rides.

You might be able to RD Soarin’, FP Soarin’, then do the single rider line at TT before 11am. It might be a good idea to monitor the lines at Epcot. Generally, the single rider line can usually save you a lot of time. As an example, as of this writing right now, TT line is 74 minutes at 4:30pm, but single rider is 33 minutes. Rock & Roller Coaster 64 minutes, but 37 minutes for single rider. So an early morning single rider might be 10-20 minutes.

If single rider isn’t desired, then I would do what you said, though the 2nd Soarin’ ride wait may be a little long.

Here’s a good barometer of what to expect:


[quote=“ejj, post:2, topic:11722”]
You might be able to RD Soarin’, FP Soarin’, then do the single rider line at TT before 11am[/quote]

That was my first thought. I’d almost certainly use my FPP for Soarin, since the non-FPP line for that seems very slow and the Test Track queue has a little more to look at, and it offers the single rider line. I may also cancel my other two FPP selections before I left for the park, and then checked the kiosk at Innoventions on my way across the park. Since it’ll likely be early (before 10:00 AM) when you do that, you’ll probably still be able to reserve a Test Track FPP for later in the day, probably before your mid-afternoon break.

I do not go on TT, so I will often save my FPs for another park and RD Soarin. The only delay in the first ride of Soarin is that the can wait a few minutes to gett enough people to load a full ride. Most often I can ride it twice by 9:50.

We watched the Soarin line from Sunshine Seasons last week. High crowds. The wait was under 10-20 mins until 9:30. Then it shot up to 60 and then 90 by 10:00. Unless you are one if the very first in, it’s going to be tough

Yes, first ride no wait at 9:05, second ride 25 minutes at 9:20 done before 10! It is the only way to do it.