Strategy for Scheduling FastPass+ (FPs)

When is the best time of day to schedule your FP+ for? Is it better to have your FPs early in the day when the lines aren’t necessarily long but so that maybe you can get more once those are used? Or do you schedule them for the afternoon when lines are much longer? Just trying to figure out the best strategy to use when scheduling our FPs, which will be in a few days.

Also, should I have my preliminary TPs figured out before our window opens up for FPs?

And last, which are the hardest FPs to obtain and should I definitely try to go after those first or should I just schedule them day by day beginning at the first day of our trip (or do you do your last day first)?

Wow, sorry so many questions. I hope this wasn’t too confusing.

I made a list of our absolute must do’s for the park. Then I researched which ones of these were the ones you would for sure need a fastpass for. I narrowed it down to our 3 favorite, and then when it came for my time to schedule I made sure I scheduled those first. I really wanted to make sure I scheduled all 3 before 12 or 1 so I could get more fastpasses later in the day. I’m not sure if that was the best strategy but I know we will go to our other favorites after rope drop when the crowds are less. Then our fastpasses open up. I didn’t go by what everyone thought was the best use for a fastpass, I just went by what our family thought was most important not to miss. I think it’s important to have a plan and talk to everyone else in your party before your fastpass window opens up. It makes it easier when you have to decide.

I make Personalized Touring Plans and use the Optimizer to help determine what FPPs to reserve. See Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for details on how to do this.

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Frozen Ever After FPP really needs to be made 60 days out at 7am; you’ll have a better chance getting these for the days toward the end of your trip.

7 Dwarfs Mine Train is another hot ticket.

Strategy wise. If I don’t hop, I’ll usually book my FPP on the early side. If I do hop, the park that I hop to may get my 3 preselected FPP or I might book 1or 2 for the morning park and save the remaining FPP /s for day of selection in the afternoon park.

Yes, have all your TP’s done before your 60 day window. This will help you decide where you’ll need FPPs: the plan will suggest times AND you can see for yourself which attractions have the longest waits and- therefore- may benefit from Fast Pass.

Again, at 60 days, Frozen and Mine Train FPP should be first for any day that you’ll be in Epcot or the Magic Kingdom. Definitely don’t schedule FPP day by day. Do get the hardest ones first.

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Thanks to both of you for responding :slight_smile:

The middle of the day is definitely a good time to be using FPs. I made ours in the 11-2 range. I think it depends on whether you’re trying for extra FPs and how many. If you are, then you might want your last FP to be immediately before lunch.

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Also, the TP website has some good advice and explanations:

Should we try to fully optimize our plan before getting ffp?