Strategy for booking both Rise and SD

Our trip is coming up this weekend, and trying to prioritize if I should go for the Slinky Dog LL or Rise LL+ first. We’re actually going to MK in the am and doing HS in the pm, so I’m trying to load up on my HS evening plans as doing MK on a party day I don’t feel like I’ll need LL’s as much.
Also HS opens at 9am with 8:30 EE (we are eligible for EE) but MK opens at 8am with a 7:30 EE. When am I eligible for booking HS attractions, is is 8:30 or 9am?

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Are you staying on site or off site?

I believe all guests, regardless of hotel, can book their first G+ selection at 7am (SDD). If you are off-site, you can book a Rise ILL at HS park open. If you are on-site, you can book a Rise ILL at 7am.


We are onsite.

So you can book both at 7am.

You have to wait until times advance until after 2pm for SDD. I don’t have data driven advice here, but I’d probably book Rise first since you can select your time, and then fast finger switch to SDD.

You should pay for G+ well before 7am


Do you think it’s better to do Rise or SD at first 7am, then I’ll book the other?

Thank you!

Use 2 devices if you can but SDD moves very quickly so I’d do that first.

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SDD disappears very very quickly, I’d do that first.

Does it though? Thrill data is showing availability for awhile (it is usually gone by park open though) - Slinky Dog Dash Wait Times at Hollywood Studios | Thrill Data

Just so it is clear for the OP, your strategy to use 1 Individual Lightning Lane (extra cost, pick your return time) and 1 Lightning Lane (next available return time).

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I agree, grab SDD first, then you can modify as times march out, but at least you’ll have it.

Last summer in July (Crowd level was reported as a 7 that day in HS) we made sure we were on the first bus out of our resort so that we would be at HS around 7:00. Early Entry that day was to start at 8:00, but what Disney won’t tell you is they often start letting resort guest in at 7:30. The Touring Plans crowd has also figured out that if they let you in right at 7:30 that Rise is operating at that time.

So what we did was, at 7:30, made a bee line straight to Rise (no running, of course, but we were doing some Olympic-level speed walking). The posted wait was 15 minutes and we walked straight into the first preshow. When we had finished our ride, the wait was now posted at 60 minutes. We then walked to Slinky to find another posted 15 minute wait. We waited in line maybe half that time, and we we got off, that posted wait time was now 60 minutes.

Basically we rode both Rise and Slinky with time to spare during Early Entry without using an individual lightning lane or Genie+, and as a bonus, we were able to walk straight into the preshow on Smuggler’s Run, too, and got pilot seats before early entry ended.