Strategies for scheduling non-plan items

I was just wondering what strategies everyone uses to add something to plan that isn’t listed (such as a character meeting ie. Merida/Mary Poppins) or remembering a certain shop? Also, does anyone know if there’s a list of which characters “photo bomb” and where? My daughters (5, 9) really liked those pictures from our last trip but it was always something we realized after we checked the pictures. Thanks in advance!

Use add a break or add a meal, and choose the closest location to the character meet.

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Yes adding a break is really the only option and you only try and estimate the time since there is really no way of knowing. For example Mary Poppins is often no wait in the UK Pavilion but Merida can get a long line in the afternoons.

As for photo bombing pictures I have no idea. Some of them are silly in the pics like Chip and Dale but I don’t know that there would any kind of list for what you are referencing.

Thanks! I’ll add it that way - I mostly just don’t want to forget about it while we’re in the park!

I like to add notes throughout my plan. For instance, when we are in Animal Kingdom, I have made a note about which characters are near the main attractions that I have planned for us. My hope is that I can use these notes for times when we hit a lull.

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