Strategies for partial DVC rental availability

I’m investigating renting DVC points. The location we want has a single night of no availability in the middle of our stay. What options do we have? I’ve heard there is more villa inventory than what is available through DVC so could we book directly through WDW for that 1 night?

You could do that, but then you would effectively have three separate reservations with no guarantees that WDW would able to link them so that you don’t have to switch rooms each time. They should be able to do that, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Edit: Just make sure that you are booking the same class/type of room for each reservation.

Are you renting through an agency or through a private rental? A private rental may be willing to wait list that single night for you but you would likely need a backup plan of some kind.

What kind of room, where and when are you looking for? We can probably comment on the likelihood of a waitlist coming through.

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I was looking at renting through an agency, but the availability finder I used was the direct DVC site. I was looking at either a GF Studio or Boardwalk Studio for 10/12-10/15. Both resorts have no availability on 10/13.

Hmm, I wouldn’t count on anything at Boardwalk opening in October but you might have success at the GF. But I don’t know if an agency will waitlist for you. Would you do a split stay?

Where are you looking? Only members have access to the availability chart. Anything else is simply a snapshot of the actual availability.

At the moment, there is full availability at Bay Lake, Poly, AK (Jambo and Kidani), SSR and OKW.

I think those dates may be the Gartner Conference, which would explain why there’s no availability around Crescent Lake.

That’s Columbus Day weekend (the 13th being the Sunday), which is always busy, so that’s probably impacting the resorts. It’s also in the middle of F&W, which would make BW/BC/YC even harder to get.