Strategies for MK Handicapped parking

Have searched and read other threads here about this.

Am a solo handicapped DAS traveller, staying off-site with rental car. Able to walk short distances with cane/sticks before needing ECV or legs give out, lol. WDW trip last year worked ok for all parks with short walks from handicapped parking through entrances to ECV rental.

However, MK is a real challenge, and last year really pushed me to full limits, especially tired after a park day. Walking from parking spot, through handicapped parking lanes, on sidewalk under bridge (TTC trams do not service handicapped parking), through entryway, wait in lines for monorail, ride monorail, walk to MK entrance, wait in security line, walk to ECV rental.

Last year I could (barely) do all that walking to MK. Am worried I can’t this year with more disability progression, and may fall enroute with that walking demand. Falls can be bad, and this one part is even a little scary for me. So looking for better options this year. Considering:

  1. Valet park at Contemporary, take monorail to MK.
  2. Park in regular TTC parking, to at least use TTC trams
  3. Others???

I’m not looking to game the system, this is a very real (and daunting) physical need. Am willing to pay extra parking costs if needed.

Option 1, I’m learning is $33 per entry, which is fine. May be free with handicapped placard. Contemporary might, or might not let me in, without guest stay or ADR. Experiences here on TP seem to vary. I do understand many people walk from Contemp to MK, but for my goal, taking monorail right to entrance seems optimal.

Option 2 at least saves the surprisingly long and not fun walk from TTC handicapped parking to TTC entryway hub. Would parking assistant people give any consideration to parking at the end of the row, closer to the tram stop? Or would they insist I park in the handicapped area, which they may not understand would be even WORSE? I could step up into the tram.

Option 3, I’m very open to any other ideas. Park at EPCOT handicapped, and then take the double monorail to MK, which would be long but I could at least sit? Any other resort that would let me park there with easy transpo to MK? (am retired military, so Shades of Green even possible)

I just don’t know why there isn’t better disabled parking options for MK. Disney seems to assume that all disabled car parkers have their own wheelchairs/scooters to do that long walk from TTC handicapped parking all through the process to the MK ECV rentals.


I don’t think Option 1 will work. Without an ADR or resort reservation the gate guards more than likely are not going to let you in the Contemporary parking lot.

I have no personal experience with this but I think I’d do option 2 so you could use the trams.

Last time we parked at CR, valet was free for handicapped. That was 2018, though. There may be an issue with getting in if you don’t have an ADR.

That is a long walk from handicapped in Epcot to the monorail.

I can’t think of other things, TBH. where will you be staying, anyway?

Also, what about a Lyft to any resort and bus to MK?


Here’s an option which may be costly but is effective for using Disney transportation.

Rent a tent site at Fort Wilderness. When we did this, we checked in at FW Outpost, obtaining official entry to the Ft W parking area. We never even visited our camp site. We were actually staying off site at a resort in three 3br condos. Drove every morning to Ft W to take Disney transport. Because the point was to use Disney transportation. A wish of the birthday kid.

Note: only one vehicle is allowed at the camp site. The site will accommodate 10 people. Obviously one or more vehicles will be parking at the Outpost. As a registered guest, your vehicle will be ok in the parking lot. Even tho you’ve driven in from your offsite lodging.

This parking lot is just a few feet from the bus stop - less than the distance from tap styles at Epcot to Spaceship Earth.

MK still presents more walking, as you will take the interior bus to the Pioneer Hall bus stop. Walk to and past PH to the Marina to wait for a boat. Then at MK the walk from the boat dock to security, which is much shorter than the walk from the bus stop area.

When we did this the camp site was about $100/night which we split among the 8 drivers in our group.

I think it was 2017 when we parked at TTC and lost our vehicle. We were very early, and Hero lots were being used, briefly. Parking switched to Villain lots. When we left MK we took a tram, but our parking section was nowhere. We had to take the tram back and then walk out to the Hero section we were parked in. Some of us aren’t young and that was a lot of walking. We like to avoid TTC now.

Tho that wasn’t the reason for the uncamped in camp site.

If you’re happy with the walk from parking at all parks except MK - maybe you can rent the tent site for the night before and nights during your MK days only.

you could book an ADR at the contemporary to let you park there - it might be worth it to get you the monorail.

The other option is finding somewhere to park that you can get a Minnievan from- they drop off at the bus drop off at MK rather than TTC.


I usually get a condo through Armed Forces Vacation Club, being a veteran. Can get properties for $400 for the whole week, which is quite a deal. I enjoy having space, a living room, and kitchen to make food, instead of a smaller hotel room.

@SirGreggLadyV I thought about a Lyft/Uber as well, mostly in terms of direct to MK. I think they’d drop off in the bus area at TTC, though. So maybe just a shorter walk than from handicapped parking.

@janamelia Yeah, I’ve done the Fort Wilderness reservation before, but mostly to get free parking at the parks, and free Magic Bands when that was a thing. It’s not as lucrative anymore. But I get your point about trans from there.

I just made an early breakfast ADR at Steakhouse 71 at Contemporary, thinking that might be my best plan. Wish I knew for sure if I could valet park there without the ADR, as I’d rather not spend time on a sit-down breakfast that morning. I can always cancel if needed, up to 2 hours prior

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I meant a Lyft to a resort where you can get a bus to MK.


Right. But don’t the busses for MK also go to the TTC, and it’s back to the issue of what requires the least walking to the monorail? or do busses actually go to MK–and do they drop you any closer or farther than the monorail dropoff?

No, resort busses go right to MK though it’s a ways further than the monorail, especially if you’re at the last stops.

My suggestion would be keep the ADR at Contemporary, then if you don’t want to actually have a whole meal just have bacon and juice to go, or walk up to the podium and tell them you’re not going to dine after all. They may still charge you a $20 no show fee, but they may not since you had the courtesy to tell them.