Strategies for dealing with a long absence from WDW

Hello Liners,

I’m wondering if any of you have any suggestions for dealing with a long time in-between trips? I’m a runner, so I’ve got lots of time to listen to podcasts. I like this site for staying connected. I’ve listed some of my favourites below. I’m hoping to hear of a few more?

Be Our Guest, WedWay, Disney Dish, and WDW Radio, and lately I’ve been listening to Mousetalgia, and Creating Disney Magic.

Websites: of course,,

I’m also interested in any disney collectable sites you might go to? I’m mostly interested in Disney history.

Have a fantastic day everyone! Be careful with the eclipse. Make sure you’re pets are inside at 2:30!!


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I’ve included a link to some other Podcast favorites that have been listed previously. Currently, I like E-Ticket Report and the Dis Unplugged series of podcasts (of ones that you haven’t mentioned). Since you like Disney history, then I would recommend a Dis Unplugged podcast called “Connecting with Walt”.


I seriously could listen to Jim Hill and @len every day. It sounds like brown nosing but I seriously think they have one of the best podcasts out there. I also really like WDW Today. However, they added some new people to the panel and I’m not a huge fan of them so far but I’m giving it a chance.


I’m with you @jeremy_patrick I’m not a fan of the new guests either. His kids were cute in the beginning…but it’s been too much lately. @daisykingdom91 I’m going to give E-Ticket Report, and Connecting with Walt a listen over the next few days.

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