Strange e-mail from DRC regarding Jan reservation at Beach Club

I got an e-mail today regarding my january reservation at BC:

We are excited that you are planning to visit us at the Walt Disney World® Resort and we would like to speak with you regarding your upcoming reservation at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. You may reach us at 407.939.7866 and we will be happy to assist you from 9 AM until 9 PM EST

Does anyone have an idea what this might be about? is it typical for them to request a call as opposed to calling / e-mailing me?

I’m not terribly excited about calling because I’m at a 7hr time difference compared to the US, I usually end up waiting in queue and it’s surprisingly expensive.

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Does it have anything to do with BC being closed in Jan?

I called the reservation line a few weeks ago to change our resort to BC or YC for our December trip and she told me BC would not be open (and YC was all booked up). I’d imagine they may be contacting you for that reason. Why they sent you that email versus calling, I’m not sure. Probably because it’s easier for them.

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It is likely they want to move you to another resort. Looks similar to an email my son got.


I’ve got a reservation for Beach Club in January but haven’t received any communication yet. I’ll let you know if I do…

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Is there a freephone number you can use? There is for the U.K. and also one for Ireland. Try the “contact us” option from the Help drop down for your regional WDW site.

Otherwise I would email Guest Services and explain that a phone call is too expensive. Give them your reservation details and ask them to email you back.


Apparently not opening by January.
I just attempted 4 days, mid-week, mid-Jan and there is NO availability

Ok, seems likely that its about switching resorts. I wish they’d write that in the e-mail, it’s easy to dismiss a mail like that… I will get in touch

Not a big deal since it’s 99% I’ll cancel my whole US trip anyways and move it to sometime in the spring