Strange dining hours?

Anyone have recent experience booking Beaches and Cream? We’re looking in March, and it’s only showing hours of 11-455 for lunch. It’s not showing dinner hours. Are they really not open for dinner now?

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Not sure what is up with that. I had some ressies in early March and was able to book dinner without issue.

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Thanks. Right now the calendar shows 11-5 for like every day between now and the end of March. Hoping it’s just Disney IT at its finest and not a real schedule.

What if you search for availability? I definitely have a few reservations between now and end of march that are well after 5pm

I could get a 6:10 to show up when searching for 5 pm, but the search drop down wouldn’t do anything after 5.

Disney IT at its finest.

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I’m getting this

when trying to search for Topolino’s breakfast times recently. For the whole week we are there. I don’t really think they are shutting down Topolinos however. Also, when using the mobile site to search for dining I am frequently getting a blank blue screen where the site appears to be frozen. This happens multiple times per day to me over the past week or two. Love that Disney IT.

That’s one of the messages I got too.

I booked Beaches and Cream for 6pm March 2 about two weeks ago.

I just pulled it up again and magically dinner has returned.

Disney magic… the only way to fix their dreadful IT.


So I was able to get our Beaches and Cream.

Tomorrow I need to go for Space 220. It’s showing availability for parties of 7, but not 8. Does Space 220 really not have any tables for 8?

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If you starve your children long enough, they will think it is magical when you feed them dry toast, for sure.

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It is a very odd mix of tables in there so it may not be possible to get 8 seats together.

I had to do 2 parties of 4 for our group of 8. And I was booking at 60+10, so I really don’t think they have 8 as an option.

I’m planning on a 7 and a 2, that way we can at least have one big table for the kids to share. We can figure out what adults get stuck with them and which get a quiet table. I’m kind of hoping we can add one to the table of 7 on check in, but who knows. One of our 8 is in a high chair still. I’m at 60+10 too, so tons of availability for 2, 4, 6, even 7 people, just none for 8.

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I never checked for 7. That’s weird though. Generally a table for 7 would actually be a table for 8.

7 is showing availability, it’s crazy.

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At Homecomin’ at least, we had 7 people. I don’t think the table could have fit one more person. (Can’t be sure, but we were pretty jambed together.)