Straight to the parks by car on arrival day

This is hopefully obvious, but just want to be sure. I see another post almost covering this topic, but not exactly. "For the first time in forever”, we’re going to WDW by car (a road trip from Colorado) We’re staying on property and will have magic bands, but want to go straight to the parks on arrival day. Just confirming we can go straight to the theme park parking toll booths and waive our magic bands to get in without tolls, right? We don’t have to stop by the hotel or anything first? We will have checked in online days before. Touring plans await and hoping we don’t need to detour to the hotel first. Basically making sure no issues with the first time our MBs get scanned is at a toll booth.


You can!


Thanks OBNurseNH! I was pretty sure, but wanted to ask.
T-Minus 66 days, almost FPP day.


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