Straight to the Frontier or linger in the Fantasy?

Working on MK TP. Will RD PP. TP says we won’t exit that until 9. DS wants to ride IASW at least 3x. Do I ‘waste’ time in the first hours on IASW or try to RD BTMRR, JC or PoC? DS might chicken out of BTMRR, so reluctant to use LL. Is it better to do BS, Dumbo, teacups when lines are shorter or go straight to Frontier/Adventure?

Linger in Fantasy. The Frontier won’t open immediately at rope drop. I have found that lingering in Fantasy for the first 1.5 hours ( early entry), still put you in a decent position to knock out BTMR. HM and PoC with a short wait. Consider saving your LL for Jungle Cruise. That one gets tricky.


So, Fantasy, then Frontier/adventure. Circle back to Tomorrow in the afternoon?

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Yep, and all depending on what you want in FL. Of course you can do a BG/ILL for Tron. And a LL for Space. Everything else there should be manageable. When is your trip?

May. CL 4. No coasters, except BTMR, which we may wait for and not get on.

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