Stradagy tips for FPP A&E & 7DMT

Would appropriate second set of eyes to see if I’m setting this up right. Thanks!
Check in is Nov 12th at BW, so I’ll be on MDE at 10pm (which will be 11pm at WDW) on Sept 12th
(Do I have this right?)
As soon as I can start scheduling (looks like that could be anytime around midnight WDW time)

My plan of attack is to go to our last day in MK and try for A&E & 7DMT
We are a small party of 3 (myself, husband & daughter) - I’m the one that manages both of their accounts (they don’t even have login’s) Would I be smart to just try for myself & daughter first, then try for my husband?
Going off of what I read here:

Day’s in MK -
Sun, 15th
Thur, 19th
Tue, 17th - using MVMCP tickets so not arriving until 4pm.

Then I guess I just go down my hopeful list of getting more 7DMT during our stay.
We will only be in HS one day
Fri, 13th - Should I go to this day once I have A&E, if I hope to get FPP for Frozen Sing-Along? Is it also hard to get FPP for that?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

If I counted correctly 60 days is the 14th and I believe it would be midnight between the 13th and 14th, though it wouldn’t hurt to try each time, just in case it does open early. I’d try for all 3 first and if nothing, then try for just 2.

And, if you have have all accounts connected as family and friends, you can make all three FPs together from your account, at the same time.

When I use this:
It tells me my 60 day is Sept 13th
So would it be midnight between the 12th & 13th of Sept?
I used this for my 180 day and it was right.

I do have all accounts connected as family & friends. - They actually don’t even have “accounts” they were just added under me as family & friends and I manage their profiles. - meaning they don’t have user names & passwords.