Storytellers Cafe brunch?

Anyone been semi recently? We’ll be going in July. Always preferred the princess dinners at Ariel’s Grotto, which are both no more. Goofys Kitchen was okay last time we tried it. I’m thinking of trying the brunch this time since I’m not into just breakfast foods. What do they have in addition to the usual breakfast items? And which characters? any other character meal to strongly consider instead?

I went for brunch over the summer and dinner in November.

For brunch in July, it was the usual breakfast food. You can go on you tube and see a walk through of what they offer. I am not sure at what time they start shifting to lunch type items, but at nearly noon it was still all breakfast. On our visit we saw Pluto, Minnie, and Chip (or was it Dale?). When we arrived, they were doing the character parade and at that time Mickey was there, but never made it to our table. We were cold and wet from a trip down GRR, so we didn’t stick around to see if he was coming out.

In November we went for Dinner, but it appears you are aware that it is not a character meal. I am not fond of the new format, where everyone has to do the buffet. Dinner at STC has lost its appeal to me. Especially since there are no characters for lunch or dinner.

Yeah, Since there is no more princess dinner at Ariels grotto, I’m not that impressed with any of the character meal offerings. But we’ll have our younger nieces with us, so need to do something. My thinking is storytellers cafe is the best quality of the overpriced meals, and i don’t love breakfast buffets anyway. Considering a 1pm brunch so that could be part of our midday break on a park day anyway.
Slightly off topic, we had a great lunch there in 2014, when it was just a regular lunch menu, no characters.

We have always loved the food there and usually go at least once a trip. I still think the food is pretty good, but I miss the flexibility of buffet verses ordering. I agree food wise it is the best bet if the CMs.

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