Storybrook dinner

Our reservation day is tomorrow and im starting to overthink. I think the snow white dinner will be our hardest to get and of course with our schedule i was hoping to do that the first night. how successful have people been in getting ADR that early into a trip? my only other thought is leaving animal kingdom early for dinner as that further into our trip. would it be difficult to go from animal kingdom to the dinner

It has been very hard to get and I don’t think you’d get it on your first night. You may be able to pick it up with the reservation finder though.

It wouldn’t be hard at all to get there from AK. You’d just get on the WL bus.

It is really really challenging to get early in a trip. I have been working on helping a friend for her only possible day during a 3-day trip in Oct and have yet to get one.

It would be smart to go there from AK. Not difficult at all as you would simply take a WL bus instead of whatever bus you would otherwise take. If you plan the dinner early enough, you would also be able to easily return to AK from WL on a bus to see ROL or Pandora or both if that is important to you.

I need to get my thoughts down about the dinner. It was fabulous, but I definitely caution against it for many people as the menu is a little bit fussy for the picky set (my family) and you wind up paying a lot of money for food they don’t/wont eat and replace with pasta or similar.


I agree about the menu. The only part of it that really looked good to me was dessert! Though that’s not unusual for me as I have a very sweet tooth :joy: but none of us would eat the appetisers, so as much as I want to meet Grumpy, it just wasn’t happening.

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I too would like to caution families. If you are on the dining plan it is a great value but with the limited food choices, if you don’t love the menu and are paying out of pocket, I would not go there.

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It worked out for me - I ate almost all of the appetizers myself :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


we are on the dining plan so are using it more for the characters than the meals…im sure my girls will be picky eaters but hopefully my husband and i enjoy the food

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I’m not going on our next trip. Artist’s Point used to be DD’s favorite TS and we would go every time, but what was favorite was the extraordinary menu – which I think was greatly underrated and on a par with Jiko. This menu looks fine for a character meal, but for us that is not enough to go there. I did look yesterday out of curiosity when my ADR window opened and I could have only got it for my 3rd and 4th day, had I wanted to book, so it does seem to be in huge demand.

I will say that for me it was a FABULOUS menu and I would have been happy with any one of the entrees (though would not order chicken because…chicken at an upscale meal? how silly of you!). Had the pork shank and it was amazing. Drooling thinking of it.

But the preparation and presentation of any of the foods - including those on the kids’ menu - were over the top for my “chicken nuggets and mac”-centric family. My Disney Adult kids had pasta with red sauce as a replacement meal … my heart was broken and my wallet cried.


Call me silly then. That’s what I ordered and it sounds crazy but it was awesome. And it’s served with brussel sprouts so extra bonus.


I so want this ADR.
I wonder what the best strategies are for 180+10 day. Shoot for most wanted day, or start at a later day so you’re not wasting time?

it was available for me (though I didn’t take it) at both 180+2 and 180+3 so I would not think you would have to start at +10 if you wanted an earlier day


Not difficult at all. We did precisely this on our last trip. Left AK around 4:45 for a 5:25 ADR.

And don’t despair if it isn’t available. We booked our July trip in April so well past the ADR date and Res Finder just secured a AP dinner for us yesterday.

I agree with everyone else about how hard it is to get…but to my surprise, My ADR was last Monday and it was available at a decent time the first day. But to answer your question, it’s not that difficult getting from AK to WL. If you find buses are running slowly, call an Uber. eta…
i did not book AP, was just curious to see what availability was

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I have heard mixed reviews about this. Some say it is quite hard to get, while others say it is no problem. I, personally, was able to get an 8:35 pm dinner reservation there less than two months out. While I was hesitant to make dinner that late, it turned out really nice because it was the last dinner “window” open. Cast members took their time with us and the characters lingered more at our table. I was worried my 5 year old would be hungry before dinner, but what with all the snack credits on our DDP and a bit later lunch (you don’t want to eat at peak meal times anyway) then it was no problem. Also, booking a later dinner made it alot easier to go there after time in the park.

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Well for 180 from today there are no reservations left for 2 people. I’m sure there are probably reservations left if people are booking later in a trip. It does come up closer to the date, like anything people cancel it and you can pick it up. But it is undeniably tough to get at exactly 180.

Don’t give up. I would keep looking every few days and just do a search for “Dinner” instead of set times unless you are really locked into a specific time period. I have several reservations now that were not available at my 180 window, but over my upcoming week-long trip, I was later able to secure a BOG lunch, a BOG 8am PPO breakfast, Storybook dining, and a California Grill dinner reservation during fireworks time. People grab things up really fast because they know they are “popular” choices. Then as they sit back and really reflect, they cancel them, modify them, etc. to better suite their family and what works for them. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh thank you! I’m not actually looking for it - it wouldn’t suit us, we’re too picky :joy: But touch wood, we’ve never had any trouble getting what we need.