Storybrook Dining at Artist Point and Dessert Party?

So right now on one of our MK days, I have a reservation for Artist Point at 4:10 and then the Plaza Dessert Party which has check in starting at 6:30, with the fireworks scheduled for 8:00. This is on the Thursday of President’s week.

Will this be way too rushed, do you think? I figured we could head over to Wilderness Lodge at like 3 and sort of look around a bit before our reservation. My sister and her family are traveling with us this time and we’re staying offsite as per their request so I’d love to show them the WL. We loved it so much last year!

And I’m not too worried that we won’t want to eat a ton of dessert at the party, as we’re mostly paying for a stress fee viewing location. But will the timing be way too tight/stressful? We had pretty good luck with the boats last year, but I know that can really depend on the day.

I think your timing will be fine but you most likely will not eat any desserts. I made a change over the weekend so now I have that dinner at 4:40 followed by Fantasmic Dessert Party at 7:00. That party is different so I figure we will have drinks and take a backpack for our desserts.


I agree that we’ll likely be too full for desserts, but I really want to do both! I think I’ll just accept that we’re only paying for the prime viewing location.

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I bet you could still eat a half dozen chocolate covered strawberries!

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Haha! I’m sure we will!

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What about switching to the dessert party where the dessert is after the fireworks?