Stormalong V. Typhoon

Yacht club for a night or water park for a day?
This will be our fourth trip to the World. WE - DH, DD(13), and myself are RV travelers. We are staying at Fort Wilderness for 11 days. I am an uber planner and when I compare the cost of Typhoon Lagoon tickets for us for one day to a discounted night at Yacht Club …well, I think the price difference may be worth it to experience the hotel and amenities.
We would check into Yacht Club on a tuesday one of our Epcot park days. We could carry a change of cloths and swim suit in backpacks. Check into Yacht club after lunch, spend the one night - and explore Stormalong Bay on Wednesday. I believe we would have access to the pool even after checkout time for the day. We have been to both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon in the past.
Does this sound like a good idea? Thought, comments, and advice are welcome.


Sounds very creative! It’s not a replacement for BB or TL, but for walking to EP and enjoying a new resort sounds perfect!

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