Stormalong Bay Question

Thinking about renting a cabana (#1) at Stormalong Bay at the end of November.
Reason 1 is for a nice home base
Reason 2 is so my mother has a comfy and shaded place to sit while watching my more introverted child who will likely play contentedly in the sand the whole day while my husband, myself, and my sister chase our other children around!

I’ve read online (but not on disney website) that the cabana occupancy is 6.

Would it be possible (if we got cabana 1) to utilize a couple extra nearby lounge chairs for our “bonus” two people or are cabana CMs going to be watching to make sure there’s no more than 6 people at all times?

Our group total is 4 adults & 4 children. Anyone think this would work or is it a no go?

I think you can pay an extra fee for the additional people to have them included. Otherwise arriving early you shouldn’t have a problem getting some chairs.


This is my understanding as well. It is how it worked for the Polar Patios at BB. We also had a group of 4 adults and 4 children.

Oh, well that’s an easy fix, thanks!

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Perfect! Glad to hear you have first hand experience with a similar situation! Thanks!!!

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