Storing food items at resort


I am wanting to use Garden Grocer to purchase some food items so that I can try and save some money on food expenses. We are staying at POFQ. I am hoping to get some feedback from others who have used a grocery delivery service and how best to store the items. I am aware that the small coolers in the room do not freeze anything, and are basically just coolers. Therefore, I will be buying a separate cooler box, and putting ice in it for keeping things cold. Has anyone else done this, and if so, I’d love some tips. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve used Garden Grocer before when staying at AoA. This upcoming trip I’m at POFQ and have an order coming in there too. I’ve never had problems with the mini fridges in the room. We’ve only ordered items that are ok so stay in a fridge, not a freezer. Yogurt, milk, fruit have all been fine in the fridges. I have heard of others having issues with the fridges not being cold enough, but both times we’ve been we find the fridges are too cold.

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We always get a gallon of milk as we’ll pack cereal which makes for a cheap and easy breakfast or snack. We have never had an issue with the milk going bad in the fridge over an 8 day stay including a couple at POFQ. I don’t think we’ve ever tried anything frozen though so I can’t vouch for the freezers. But the refrigerators work fine in our experience…

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We pack from home - usually just breakfast stuff and some snacks. Usually fly SW so it doesn’t cost anything extra. My wife puts bread in a shoe box so it doesn’t crush - she is so smart. We get milk etc from the hotel lobby store. I am sure the grocery places are great - however it is just one more thing to manage. I wouldn’t get anything that needs to FREEZE ever - too much of a hassle. We have never had an issue with the boxes keeping things cool enough. Nothing is ever COLD COLD - but cools to what we need

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Used Garden Grocer for our last few trips and it worked out great. We also had no issues with the mini-fridges in our rooms. The freezer section is a little small but kept ice and ice packs frozen.
Maybe folks who had issues with the fridges didn’t turn down the temp? Both the fridge and freezer sections were plenty cold for us.

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Travelling from Australia, so I don’t want to complicate my luggage by packing and worrying about food.

Not looking to freeze anything, though an ice pack would be a good option. I am mainly shopping for breakfast and snack items to eat and take with us so we can save some money and also eat breakfast in our room. We are certainly going to enjoy ourselves and eat at plenty of restaurants etc… but 18 days of ‘park style food’ might not be so great :slight_smile:
If we decide to leave the parks at about lunch time and head back to our hotel, I would like the option of making a couple of sandwiches over buying them.

Garden Grocer would be your best bet. You can start putting an order together anytime and even after you submit it if you think of things to add on your can add to your order (as long as there’s time between them ordering and delivering to the resort)
When we stayed at AoA they allowed us to take silverware from the cafeteria to our hotel room so that we would have knives, forks, spoons. We also had paper bowls and plates provided by room service every day. (We did stay in a suite so I don’t know what would normally be available in a standard room)

The mini fridges can be temperamental. The one we had a the Beach Club froze our half gallon of milk solid. I really should have insisted that they replace either the fridge or the milk! I just lived with it. Turned it all the way down and it was still completely freezing everything.
So, that’s just a word of warning on those things.

You might also want to look into - they have more flexibility and can go to any store and purchase just about anything you need.

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