Storage and Room for Pack n Play DVC

We are having trouble seeing where there is room for storage in newer dvc Studio rooms including room for a pack n play when all beds including murphy beds are set up.

Which resort?

My friend had her son set up in one of the two bathrooms because it was quiet and dark for him when they wanted to stay up. And it was just the three of them so they were only using the one bathroom anyway.

In a studio? Copper Creek only has the convertible couch- so Poly?

Any of them other than Poly or OKW where there seems to be room. We are wondering about the other studios though–when all beds are in use. For example, the GFV seems to have no place for suitcases either or place to unpack?

At the GFV I would put the suitcases in the closet?

I would think you would have to move the table and chairs for the pack and play?

I actually put one of my tall suitcases between the bed and wall to use as a night table. Why can’t they put a small night table on each side?!

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Funny, CC does have two:

Right but not all do. It seems to me it should just be standard.



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Brilliant idea! I agree. They should all have night tables on both sides.

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If anybody has pictures of pack n plays set up with all beds used including 5th bed, please post. :+1: I cannot understand where it will go in all studios.

It is going to be almost impossible to move around. Most likely you will need to move the table and chairs. The room is tight for 5. Will you have 6? Even in an AKL regular room I have had a pack n play in the bathroom sink area, at the values many people set it up at the entry of the room.

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Yea. We had it between dresser and bathroom wall at Renovated movies room.


We have stayed at GF. The studio rooms look smaller than GF regular room