STK orlando

Has anyone been to STK Orlando for lunch on the dining plan? If so how was it and would you recommend it?

I haven’t been, but was just listening this morning to an interview with Len where he mentioned STK was not rated well at all in their recent survey.

It wasn’t mentioned in their DS restaurant ranking blog post, but when someone asked about it in the first comment, Derek said:

STK has some really good food, but – for me at least, along with many people I’ve talked to who have gone – the experience is one that makes it challenging to go back. Because of the amount of people, eating out in Disney Springs just about anywhere is pretty loud but STK takes it up a notch. I personally don’t think that’s the best way to have a great meal with friends and family on a Disney vacation.

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I was thinking of going here on my trip too until I saw all the bad reviews online. Several sites have said it was not worth the price and that there were plenty of other better places to get a good steak in Disney springs and Disney world itself. I was pretty disappointed. The reviews also said it was not very child friendly either, another deal breaker for me :disappointed:


I’m trying to decide between this and the boathouse for lunch on the day of arrival. I wish the resort signature steakhouses were open for lunch.

I think Le Cellier in Epcot ( difficult reservations) opens for lunch?

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I’m not going to parks on that day. Otherwise I would do it.

I may be in the minority, but I was disappointed in the steak I had at the Boathouse, and found it overpriced for what you got - even by Disney standards. But the restaurant is pretty cool in a crowded and noisy sort of way and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring kids there. I haven’t eaten at STK, but I walked through it and I agree that it has a more NY “club” feeling to it. Can’t comment on the food quality, but comparing menus, it’s more expensive than Boathouse.

The only 2 Disney signatures that are open for lunch are Le Cellier and HBD - both in parks.

I’ve never had a bad meal at Raglan Road (it’s actually one of my favorites in WDW), and it’s certainly much cheaper than either Boathouse or STK. They have steak and chops on the dinner menu; have never had lunch there. Although not a “steak house”, Morimoto’s is also excellent.

Shula’s in the Swan/Dolphin might be open for lunch. I’ve never been there, but it gets excellent reviews; some consider it the best steak in WDW.