Stitch's Great Escape

I know it gets a bad rap, but how many of you are actually sad or disappointed it’s no longer open? I am.

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My son really liked it and is very sad it’s no longer there. I could take or leave it, but didn’t find it as horrible as most.

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See, I was sad/disappointed when I experienced it after they converted it over from Extraterrorestrial Alien Encounter. It went from brilliant to silly. That made it hard for me to enjoy it. Now, if I had never experienced the original form, I might not have had such a negative reaction to Stitch and be able to say it was worth doing. But I just can’t.

I’ll be sad or disappointed if they don’t eventually convert the space over into something fresh and brilliant again. The trouble is what to do with such a relatively small space. They could do something like convert it over to a meet and greet area, or maybe an indoor play area themed to something futuristic. But I’m sure Disney will eventually come up with something.

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Can’t say that I was disappointed when they closed it. For us it was very much a one and done. We loved the Alien Encounter, which is probably what made it so disappointing - we might have enjoyed it more on its own merits, if we had nothing to compare it to.

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Nope. But add me to the list of people who miss Alien Encounter!


Is it bad that I have seen 3 different attractions in this spot?

I remember as a child going to the Mission to Mars. Thought that Alien Encounter was trilling, but definitely NOT for the younger audience. The Stitch Escape was not as terrifying as the Alien Encounter, but my kids loved it and laughed at all the “childish” humor. Guess it still has a bad rap overall.

Now that my DD loves everything Stitch, she is asking why it’s not open and if it will be open when we go in October.


I hated Alien Encounter. I wouldn’t do it twice if you paid me… unless it was for an FOP FP. :wink:

But I had a panic attack when those bars came down over my head. I managed to sit forward enough to regain control of my breathing, but it also meant I didn’t experience all the things going on with the seat for people who were forced back to their seats. I couldn’t wait for that to be over. Oh yeah, and the year before seeing it, DH had taken me to see Event Horizon (a true space horror), which scared the life out of me. So that was probably in my head when I went on the ride.

As such, I have never seen Stitch. To be honest, why leave a space like that vacant when there’s a ride in there, unless it needs serious refurbishment? Another ride evens out lines in that area, so why not open it?

Stitch was horrible. The AA was pretty amazing and I wish they could find a different use for it, but the attraction was pretty much the worst I’ve been on. The original Alien Encounter was quite unique and a bit scary, even for adults. My favorite part was watching all of the screaming, traumatized kids being carried out; they’ll need nightlights until their teens… Dark humor aside, it was a brilliant ride in the wrong location; had it been built in DHS, it might still be running…

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Don’t you mean adults? :slight_smile: My wife came off in tears. I loved it.

My DS will miss it–he loves Stitch. I won’t though. Alien Encounters was better and a bit frightening.

I didn’t hate it, but I’m not crying about it either. 2 years later, we still talk and laugh about it, so I’m glad we got to do it, but it was also an easy cut if time got tight.

I did Alien Encounter when I was younger, but vaguely remember it.

I do somewhat miss it. We always liked doing it as it was a short line and had a comfortable feel. One of those tradition type things - I recognize it wasn’t a great attraction, but was one we looked forward to doing once a trip.

It did also offer nice AC…