Stinky Dog Dash Issues

Looks like WDW went for high quality components - not.


@brklinck I think this is a bit overblown… New rides always end up with some issues that have to be fixed… FoP had some similar issues, as has pretty much every new ride that I can remember as they work the kinks out. BTW Disney has stated they’ll be back very soon - just needed some adjustment.

Also, that site you linked to tends to over sensationalize things at times - here’s a much more level version of the same story from what is (in my opinion) a better site.

Agreed, particularly rides that are using new technology, like FoP. However, this is essentially a kiddie coaster - nothing earth-shaking going on here. Plus, there have been other issues with TSL where it appears that WDW was trying to do things on the cheap.

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Maybe, but even non-advanced rides have always had issues… But it’s worth remembering that Disney doesn’t actually physically build it’s coasters. Disney Imagineering designs them and sub-contracts the actual building out to one of the major coaster builders. In the case of SDD, Mack built that coaster…

That’s just a cover story. The real situation is that Sid got it and has it in his bedroom, ready to attach to Stitch from the now-defunct Stitch’s Great Escape!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. He’ll let it out just before the smoke clears from Fantasmic!



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It is true that coasters frequently have toddler tantrums, but eventually grow up to be very responsible teenagers…er, adults.

For example, when Top Thrill Dragster first opened at Cedar Point, it had decorative rear wheels in the back to complete the look of it being a Top Fuel dragster. Problem was, the gyroscopic effect that was created by the speeds the coaster was reading caused one of the wheels to fall off during one of the twists. So, the theme was removed.

Very recently, at the opening of Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point, they had to switch to two train operation when, on opening day, there was a very minor collision (a bump, really) between two of the trains. They are back to three train operation now after they worked out the glitch.

Mack (the makers/designer of SDD) makes a TON of coasters now. It seems like almost every amusement park is putting in a Mack coaster. Having a design of a “floppy tail” surprised me from the start, because if you have a design that requires constant uncontrolled motion, eventually the part will wear prematurely.

What is more surprising is the issue of premature wear on the gray coils. My guess is that the paint choice was not well thought out to handle constant exposure to the oils in people’s hands or something.


Oh, sure. Laugh all you want.:wink:

But have they ever really said when Rafiki’s Planet Watch will be back? Hmmm?

The truth is Disney is scrambling to come up with plausible deniability. But I’d lay even odds that this … thing… of Sid’s will have a baboon head. I heard it on the Dark Underbelly of Magic podcast, so it must be true.

You’ll see.

Forewarned is forearmed.


Tell that to the Disco Yeti…


With a body made of parts scavenged from the Wonders of Life pavilion…


Unfortunately, the Yeti isn’t technically part of the coaster itself. This means that there is no harm in leaving it alone (unless there is risk it might keel over onto the riders!). You can’t really do that for the actual coaster, though, which involves rider safety.

Oh boy. You’re into some Black Mirror stuff there. shudders .
Better save that for Universal. This is a family-friendly park! :rofl::rofl:
(Well, except for the fact that dismemberment made Anakin into Darth Vader, but they won’t emphasize that in the stage show).

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