Still waiting for Mickeys not so scary party tickets to go on sale

We booked our trip at this time of year to maximize the fun of the party, but everyone tells me they’re usually on sale by now. Anyone know why it’s taking so long?

We went to the party last year–it was a blast! I think that the tickets did not go on sale until the end of summer though. If you have annual passes or a Disney credit card you will have first dibs on them. Since I do not have either, I was worried that they would sell out before I could buy mine, but it was not a problem. Halloween Day sells out first, then the weekend dates and the weekdays are last to sell out.

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They are on sale already, have been for a few weeks. Go to WDW site and you can buy them there.

Look under “special events” under their ticket section. I bought mine last week?

Yay!found dthem thanks!

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