Still questions after 2 trips last year

Yesterday, I sat down to think about my next WDW trip, 1/29/24 - 2/9/24. I know. It’s a bit late but it is a solo trip and I was just there for a 11 day trip last month.

I got my park reservations done for the first week and I’m going to do whatever appeals to me the second week.


  1. Hoop-Dee-Doo - I’ve never been. What are your thoughts? Can you drive and park?

  2. Thinking of doing some scenic walks. (As if we don’t walk enough at WDW! :crazy_face:) What are your favorites walks?

  3. Related to #2 above. Thinking of walking between Epcot and HS. How long might it take me and is it a scenic walk.

  4. For Steakhouse 71 Lounge, what are the best times to show up?



Not qualified to answer any except for 3, and the answer is it is ABSOLUTELY worth it and so scenic. I love it. I feel like it would take about a half hour one way? We stayed at yacht club and it was about 20 minutes to HS and about 10 to Epcot.

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Agree #3 I enjoy the walk the walk between Epcot and HS, with a stop at the stand Boardwalk Joe’s for a Captain’s Seaside Sensation (DOLE Whip® Pineapple Smoothie with Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum). If I remember correctly it’s just over 1 mile between parks.

  1. I love HDDR but best to take Disney transportation. If you drive you’ll have to take the internal bus to the Settlement anyway. Better to take the boat from MK, or from Contemporary or WL.
  2. Head over to OKW and you could walk around the resort. Or the golf course - I assume you can do that. We could have got onto the golf course from our building. Or walk down to FS - it’s not lit at night but then for a scenic walk you’d want it to be daytime anyway.
    Also GF to MK.

You can drive, but then you have to park and take a FW inner bus to get there. We haven’t done it yet, but we are going in March.

Probably about 25-30 minutes. It is 15 minutes from HS to Boardwalk, and maybe 10 minutes or so from Boardwalk to Epcot.

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Realized I didn’t answer this part.

I wouldn’t exactly call it scenic. But it is relaxing.

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Please let me know what you think after you go.


Sorry, typo. I meant Disney Springs!

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HDDR is fun and we did while staying at FW. I don’t think I’d do it if not staying at FW or WL - it would be such a pain to get to and I don’t think it’s that good to waste t he st much time including the 2 hour Ms of the show - maybe on a rest day.

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I’m a huge fan. It’s served family style and most of the tables are large if I recall correctly. I’m not sure how that works for a party of one but imagine they just find an open spot at a table.

I really enjoy the ferry from MK. Pioneer Hall is very close to the Ft Wilderness dock. Driving works but parking is nowhere close to the Hall. You would need to use the internal bus system. Neither option is particularly fast.

Ft Wilderness also has a 3 mile campground loop trail. It might be intended for campground guests only though.


I don’t think they make anyone share a table. I’ve seen plenty of tables of 2 people.

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Thanks! I haven’t been in five years and now that I think about it we have only sat close to the stage and with groups of at least 6. It looked like a huge table but was probably two or three pushed together. :laughing:

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Found this photo online. It does look like they configure the tables by combining when needed…


Thanks everyone! There are still reservations available and requires payment in advance. I just need to decide if I want to go by myself.

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I love HDDR and had been hesitant to go alone. I hope you go, so. can live vicariously. Either way, I will follow your trip with delight.


Any chance you can come down to eat at HDDR with me? :pleading_face:

When is your next trip?


#1) Love HDDR. Yes, take the boat from WL/MK/Contemporary!
#2) While I don’t know or haven’t taken all the paths (like between DS and SSR or OKW), the most scenic walks I’ve taken, in order, are:

  • Port Orleans between Riverside and French Quarter (and back)
  • The boardwalk between Pandora and Africa in AK
  • Riverwalk between EP and HS
  • Path from MK to Grand Floridian

#3) I thought it was scenic and enjoyed it!

#4) “Show up” like – trying to get in without a reservation? Or best times to make a reservation? Or what? The only thing I’ll say about Steakhouse 71 is ORDER THE BACON AND EGGS

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I want to eat at the Lounge. I don’t think the Lounge needs a reservation? I’m just wondering, if the Lounge doesn’t need a reservation, what would be a good time to show up.

It was going to be April, but I pushed it back to September. Just in time to use my AP one last time before it expires. I have a non Disney vacation in July, so I have to save vacation time for that.