Steakhouse recommendations

You don’t enjoy being able to eat off of your (different party) neighbor’s plate, since it will literally be 3 inches from your own? :rofl:


Exactly! I seriously felt like I was sharing my plate with women next to me.


I liked the Boathouse as well.

This was fantastic, especially the waffle truffle fries.

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Thanks for all of the feedback! I also appreciate the suggestions for places that were not on my radar.

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Late to the party but I ordered filet/steak at three different restaurants during my January trip and I would rank Le Cellier at the bottom.

Citricos gets the edge over Steakhouse 71, but it was dinner and Steakhouse 71 was lunch (and technically I was ordering items not on the lunch menu). Both were delicious with amazing service. Citricos in newly remodeled to Mary Poppins theming so they again get the edge. Steakhouse 71 is much more clean lines/modern in line w/ the CR asthetic.

Le Cellier had a good filet, not amazing. I was practically in the lap of the woman at the table next to me and literally could have eaten off of her plate w/o leaning over. The creme brulee (a favorite dessert of mine) was soupy!!! The creme brulee w/ the hidden chocolate pudding underneath at Steakhouse 71 was light years better.

I won’t be going back to Le Cellier anytime soon. I would be able to overlook the cramped tables, adequate food, and soupy creme brulee for a local restaurant having a challenging day, but there are so many better options at WDW. I was severely disappointed in it and they are nowhere near the high “signature dining” level that they were 10-15 years ago.


No, you’re not. I’ve been twice - once solo and once with my wife. I LOVE the beer-cheese soup and pretzel bread; in my opinion the primary reason you might choose it over somewhere else. As others have said, it’s very crowded and loud, and because it’s in a park, there are a lot more kids than at most “signature” dining spots. And both times, all they seemed to want to do is get you out the door so they could turn the table. The food was good, but not outstanding (although I might have had a better opinion of it if the exact same food was served in a different location).

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“Best” is so subjective; is it about the food only, or the whole experience? I have 2 excellent steakhouses right in town, so I don’t often order steak at WDW, so my experience is limited. Of the two in the OP, I’ve not been to Yachtsman so I can’t compare, but I would not recommend Le Cel (see my above post). The “best” steak I’ve had at WDW was at CG - twice. Citrico’s was also excellent. Narcoossee’s was a major disappointment. Probably my own fault for ordering a steak in a primarily seafood restaurant (I tasted my wife’s entrée, which was much better than my steak), and to me the atmosphere says chowder house, not upscale dining. I was also not pleased at the Boathouse. The steak was cooked to the perfect temperature for me (very rare), but it was dry and really didn’t have much flavor at all. And it was expensive, even by WDW standards. The $12.00 salad was tiny. The oven roasted potatoes were probably the highlight of the meal. I may go back to the Boathouse, but not for steak. A number of people consider Shula’s to be the best steakhouse on property; I’ve never been because as I said I have two excellent steakhouses where I live and I don’t go to WDW to eat at a chain restaurant