Steakhouse 71 Review * Oct 2021

First Impressions:
Ground floor, windowless restaurant
Decorated nicely and fits within the Contemporary theme, which I would argue the old “Wave” decore did not. Able to park our car at the Contemporary with a reservation.

Bread service is two warm potato brioche rolls. $12. Served warm and good. Not for $12 in my opinion. They also had an onion ring appetizer that looked good at another table, but only 4 large onion rings were served.

Steaks are delicious. We each had the 6oz filet, and were able to cut them with a butter knife.

For sides, I had augratin potatoes, my wife had garlic mashed potatoes. The augratin were better, but both were good.

We wanted the layer chocolate cake, but ran out of time to get to the fireworks. We had a 6:45 reservation and got inside MK for 8:00 Enchantment with only 10 minutes to spare.

Our server was obviously new, couldn’t answer most questions about the sauces. Steak knives came to the table 5 minutes after the steaks, but didn’t need them.

We really enjoyed the walk back to our car parked at the Contemporary instead of the park closing madness and we were able to avoid all ferry, busses, monorail, and MK parking lot.

Bread service, two steaks, no drinks or dessert, $80 with AP discount.

Avoiding park closing madness … priceless.


Thank you for the review!

Thanks for the review. We’ll be trying breakfast on Nov 6th. I agree with the price on the bread service.

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