Steak at Askerus (SP?)

I want to try and score dinner for Askerus so my DD can see the princesses without having to dine at CRT. Do they have a normal steak? My husband is NOT adventurous, at all.

Look at the menu on this site. I did not see any steak listed, but there are plenty of other recognizable things like pork chop, cod, salmon, chicken breast, pasta, meatballs, and “red wine braised beef” (whatever that exactly is). Sounds like he should be able to find something.

If not adventurous eaters, breakfast at Akershus may be wiser than dinner. Check out the menus for yourself to judge, but the dinner is very Norwegian while the breakfast is more traditional American staples with some Norwegian options. My family didn’t love the Norwegian offerings for dinner, despite my wife having spent a summer in Norway in high school…

FWIW - the dinner entrees listed are Salmon, Cod, Traditional Kjottkake (what other Kjottkake is there?), Pork Chop, Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, Red-Wine-Braised Beef, and Potato & Goat Cheese Ravioli.

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