Staying onsite at POP

Well I did it. I am staying at the pop. I am so happy that I am going to be able to stay onsite for my whole trip. So now, folks, get ready for the millions of questions I will be asking! I am very excited. I guess I wont be needing the car after all? also other than the pool bar, is there any where I can purchase alcohol at the resort. I read somewhere else that only beer and wine was available for purchase at the gift shop. Honestly I would like to be able to make a drink or two in my room at the end of the day. Is hard alcohol available?

You won’t need a car if you’re patient with buses. I am not, so appreciated that we had a car when we stayed at Pop last fall, especially coming back from parks at close, when we could walk to car (I will walk a fair ways to avoid the tram) and be on our way, not having to stand in yet another line and possibly also stand on crowded bus. Walk to parking lot at Pop to our room was similar to walk to bus stop. I liked having the option each day to bus or drive.

The great thing about Pop is if you are waiting for a bus at the end of your day or for a break and the AoA bus comes by you can hop on that.

I do not think I have ever seen a resort gift shop that did not sell bottles ( rum for example) behind the counter.

Beer and wine only in the food court, but liquor is available in the gift shop.

I am surprised there are not more treads about alcohol and and a WDW vacation!!!

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You could also try delivery through amazon.

Disney resorts are not know so much for their night life but there are a few. I know POR has a bar with a comedian every night. Most though head for Disney Springs. There is all types of night life there and the buses run until 2am.

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Oh no, I wasn’t really looking for a bar. I’ll be traveling with my son LOL. I was just looking for a place I could buy a bottle and make a drink in the room ha ha. A nightcap I guess you could say

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You don’t need to explain to us - we have kids. We understand.


Drink up my Hardies, Ho, HO!

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