Staying offsite.. when to make dining reservations?

Our last trip to DW was 10 years ago, and a lot has changed since then. In particular, it seems like dinner reservations have gotten that much more intense. Last trip we stayed in DW, but this trip we will be offsite. I only want to do a couple of sit-down dinners, but I’m not sure when I can go ahead and reserve them. The touringPlans timeline and book both say that onsite guests can make reservations 180 days out, but say nothing about when offsite guests can book. My 180 day mark comes up in a few days, so I need to get this figured out.

I forgot to mention, we will be visiting the week of May 14th, which is a 5 on crowd level.

Off site guests can make reservations at 180 days. You’ll have to do one day at a time instead of 180+10 like resort guests.


We go October and stay off site so same crowds I think.

BoG and and of the Princess character dinning can be difficult, along with idea times for CG etc. I’ve never found the rest that difficult just make sure you try at the 180 day mark for each of your ADR’s. The way I do it is, decided which days which park and have a couple of duplicate plans at this stage, so if you want to go to MK BoG on the Tuesday try for Mon, Tues and Wed. Book Mon if you can, then try for Tues, if you get Tues great cancel Mon, if not try for Wed … you get the idea if you don’t get the ideal time keep trying until you do ( I always have) Make sure once you get what you want you cancel the rest straight away I always think it’s rude to hold on to ADRs you’re not going to use or need some other poor soul is trying to get them I’ll guarantee .

There is also the reservation finder on this site which has worked many times for me in getting a better time / day.



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