Staying off site - want to get to Boardwalk

We are staying off site for our first time in October. We have stayed at the Boardwalk every time we have been to WDW, so this is new for us. We will have a car. We are getting the tickets that allow us to enter at noon. We’d like to go have breakfast on the boardwalk before going to Epcot at 12. If we park at the TTC, are there buses that will go to the boardwalk? What is the most efficient way to do this?

You can take a bus from TTC to Boardwalk. But have you considered parking at Boardwalk? If you have a reservation at a resort restaurant, they will generally let you park there - they may ask to see your reservation.

Are you sure there are buses to the resorts from the TTC? I am wondering why there would be?

I think you need to that the ferry or monorail to MK and bus from there?


Sorry - thanks for the correction. There are buses from MK to the resorts, which you can reach by ferry or monorail from the TTC. Definitely not convenient.

I would park at DHS and walk or get the Skyliner or boat over. Much easier than parking at the TTC, and having to go to MK to get a bus.

Overstaying parking at the BWI, unless you valet park, could be problematic.


I’d park at DHS, too.
I’d also consider walking over to the Boardwalk because BWI is the last resort stop for the Friendships coming from DHS, and it takes about half an hour, not counting waiting for the boat. I don’t know how long the Skyliner takes. I bet it’s faster than the boat- but then you have to walk back from the IG to the Boardwalk.

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How much do they charge for valet? If it saves a walk from HS, it seems like it could be worth a few extra dollars.

I feel like it’s $25.

Hopefully someone else can confirm.

Used to be $25, it increased to $33 when parking charges were introduced but I don’t think it’s increased since.

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Other option is to take the boat (if you see it pulling in so you know you won’t have to wait) and exit at Swan/Dolphin. That ride is probably only 10 minutes once you’re on the boat, and the walk is similar to walking from the IG.