Staying off-site - individual lightning lane availability?

My wife and I are doing a Universal trip at the end of next month. We’re half tempted to spend one day at Disney but I’m aware that on-site guests get early access to ILL at 7am, annd off-site guests can’t book until the park opens.

Is there usually availability left by then for the main headliners like Rise and GOTG? And if we were to get a park hopper, can you book ILL in different parks on the same day?

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  1. Often, but not always, ILL availability runs out by park opening for RotR, GotG, and FoP. The best thing to do is check Thrill Data close to your trip to see the trends. Often availability will pop up later in the day if you keep refreshing.

  2. yes, you can get up to 2 ILLs per day anywhere on property if you have park hopper tickets. (Not for the same attraction though.)

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Thanks - Thrill Data has all the info I need. Doesn’t look promising for Rise. Will keep an eye on it, but not sure it’s worth the hassle.